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He found scrap metal stolen from his shop and hid a GPS transmitter in it. That’s how he outsmarted the thieves

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He placed a GPS transmitter in scrap metal stolen from his shop, thanks to which he led the policemen straight to the perpetrators. Four Georgian citizens have been detained and face up to five years in prison.

– Scrap metal with a total weight of 160 kilograms has disappeared. These included rims, engine covers and pistons. The owner of the company, before notifying the police about the theft, started looking for his property on his own – describes senior sergeant. Aleksandra Borowska from the police in Sokołów Podlaski. – It turned out that the scrap was hidden in the bushes, not far from the company. Most likely it was prepared for transport. The entrepreneur outsmarted the thieves and installed a GPS transmitter in the elements of scrap to check where it will be transported.

He monitored the transmitter

He constantly monitored the transmitter’s movements. Finally, he saw that his transmitter had been moved and was located in the Węgrów poviat. Then he notified the police.

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Four men were detained by the uniforms when they wanted to sell the stolen scrap metal at a purchase point. They were Georgian citizens, aged 24 to 40. They were placed in police custody. They heard charges of stealing someone else’s property, for which they face up to 5 years in prison.

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Industry. The man tried to transport scrap metal on a cart attached to a motorcycleKMP Przemyśl

Main photo source: Police

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