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He had a punctured lung and an injured leg. A drone operator saved his life

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Serhiy, a Ukrainian soldier, had his lungs punctured. As he lay wounded in the scorching sun, all he knew was that he was very close to the Russians. When a payload from a drone fell nearby, he suspected it might be a Russian trap. Was not. It was an aid load that may have saved his life.

Usually, on a field strewn with bomb craters, only the bodies of the dead lie. It happens that someone manages to survive a gunshot. This was the case with Serhiy, who was spotted by a Ukrainian drone observer.

Serhiy lay wounded away from his unit. He had wounds to the chest and legs. As he later said in the hospital – he was afraid if he would be able to survive. “I was lying there under the scorching sun. I was ready to fight for my life. However, I realized that I am very close to the Russians. I started to look at everything differently, even at my weapon – says Serhiy, a Ukrainian soldier.

The drone operators had other plans: they were preparing water, dressings and a letter with instructions. They then sent a drone towards the wounded man. They found Serhiy and dropped the cargo. At first, the man did not know whether it was a parcel from his own people or a grenade dropped by the Russians. – When I was crawling, the drone was hovering over me the whole time. I didn’t know if it was ours or a stranger’s. It was a lottery – adds Serhiy.

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At some point, the soldier realized that the drone could save his life. Water and medicine brought him relief. Even from the height, you could see that Serhiy was suffering. After some time, the man began to crawl towards the Ukrainian positions. “The medics were surprised that I managed to survive for two days with a punctured lung,” he said.

Serhiy is now talking about a new life. He values ​​it more. The drone operator points out that Ukrainian soldiers do not want to leave anyone to their fate. Every life matters to us. I couldn’t look myself in the eye if I left one of our people,” explains Yevgen, a drone operator from the 15th National Guard Brigade.

The effects of the explosion in the city of Taganrog in the Rostov region of Russia, on the border with UkraineReuters

Unexpected help

Just a few miles away, salvation for another wounded man came from a completely unexpected direction. The advance by Ukrainian National Guard forces forced the Russians to retreat. The Russian commander was seriously injured in the artillery barrage. His people left him. He was presumed dead. However, the Ukrainian recording proves that he survived. The wounded Russian was treated.

According to the Russian media, the soldier left by his comrades received a posthumous award from his superiors. Those who found him say that the Russian regretted having survived. – We told him “don’t try tricks or you will die”. Then he told us to finish him off. I offered him to do it himself, but he refused. He’s my enemy. I didn’t want to save him at all, but that’s what I was ordered to do. An order is an order. They have our people, so he can be exchanged for someone – explains a soldier nicknamed Technician from the Assault Unit of the 15th National Guard Brigade.

“As a human, I was shocked that they left him. However, as a soldier, I know my opponent and I know that this is everyday life for them – emphasizes a soldier nicknamed Kros from the Assault Unit of the 15th National Guard Brigade.

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