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He is a musician, but he has been fighting on the front for two years. Yarmak: I would like to thank Poles

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Before the war, Yarmak was one of the most popular Ukrainian rappers. Two years ago, however, he joined the army and now his voice is heard more often on the radio than in clubs or concerts. He now commands a platoon of combat drone operators and now has an appeal to the West.

“Let us be lucky, brother” – this is an appeal to all Ukrainians who took up arms and resisted evil. War does not ask whether you are a musician, a famous athlete or an actor. In the trenches, everyone is equal and has one goal – to protect their family and homeland. The song by rapper Yarmak is also a story about himself. The musician volunteered for the army two years ago.

– For me it was a personal matter because the enemy was approaching my house, my family was under fire in the first days of the war, my little 2.5-year-old daughter, who did not realize what was happening at the time, was just terrified. When there was shelling, she hid under the stairs. I couldn’t look at it, I wanted to take revenge for those monsters coming to our land, Yarmak confesses.

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At the draft point, the musician received an assault rifle and went to defend Kiev, later he was trained in the use of anti-tank handheld launchers, and took part in key battles of the war. He liberated Kharkov region, Kherson and now he is fighting in Donbas. He currently commands a platoon of combat drone operators.

– We destroyed a lot of equipment, we killed many occupiers, but there are more of them every day. It’s like some game or show where endless waves of enemies are trying to kill you. The only thing we can do is eliminate them and maintain the defense line, says the Ukrainian rapper.

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An appeal to the West

Yarmak has not played a real concert since February 24, only short performances at the front for his comrades in arms. For the soldiers he meets, he is a symbol. – Almost every day I am stopped at checkpoints and soldiers ask me for a photo. Many military personnel are surprised when they hear my voice during radio communication. They understand that we are all on the front line together now, says the musician.

Yarmak saw a lot – the defense of the capital, fighting on the front, and bombs falling on his house. However, for a musician, the most difficult moment is now. – Not only Western partners have doubts, but also their societies. Many misunderstandings have arisen. People don’t realize what a critical moment we are in this war, he says.

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The musician referred to Poland many times during the interview. He repeated that he was unable to express his gratitude for our support in words. – I would like to thank Poles, the Polish authorities, who really saved millions of Ukrainians. On behalf of the soldiers and people who are now defending Ukraine, we thank you very much for your help, for your constant help to our nation, says Yarmak.

The musician also made an appeal to the whole world. to all of us. – This is not just our fight, it is a common fight, the fight of democratic, developed, civilized countries against darkness. Totalitarian regimes are uniting, they want to change the world order, and if they succeed, there will be absolutely no peaceful place on the planet and everyone will feel the war. Therefore, I really hope that the Western world will realize this and will continue to properly support the Ukrainian people, Yarmak appealed.

Author:Hubert Kijek

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