He killed a neighbor and hid the body in a septic tank. Now he will spend 25 years in prison


Nearly three years ago he killed a neighbor and then threw his body into a septic tank. Moreover, he allegedly threatened his then girlfriend, who was a witness to the crime, with death and told her to “keep quiet.” The Court of Appeal has just upheld the decision of the court of first instance, which sentenced the man to 25 years in prison.

The Court of Appeal in Gdańsk upheld the 25-year prison sentence of 35-year-old AM for the murder of a neighbor whose body he threw into a septic tank, and for influencing his then girlfriend, a witness to the crime, by threatening her with death. The incident occurred in August 2021 in Pobłocie (Pomeranian Voivodeship).

Let us recall that last year the District Court in Słupsk sentenced the man to a total penalty of 25 years of imprisonment. The accused committed the crime in circumstances of recidivism, having previously been convicted of, among others, for beatings, for which he served a total sentence of one year and three months. The accused is to serve the sentence in a therapeutic system. Moreover, he awarded compensation of PLN 30,000 to the injured parties, the deceased's widow and daughter. zloty.

The prosecutor and subsidiary prosecutors appealed against the first verdict and demanded life imprisonment. The judgment is now final.

The Court of Appeal upheld the judgment of the court of first instancePAP

Judge Tomasz Piechowiak explained on Wednesday in his justification that the penalty of life imprisonment is an eliminative penalty imposed to eliminate the perpetrator from society.

In his opinion, the court of first instance correctly assessed all the premises and the sentence of 25 years in prison was adequate to the defendant's guilt. The District Court in Słupsk also took into account mitigating circumstances, such as: partial admission of guilt and the circumstances of the incident. – We are dealing with a sudden impulse that resulted from a certain situation that occurred there. Everything indicates that there was a dispute there over a woman. These circumstances were taken into account by the district court when imposing the sentence and the appellate court also found that these circumstances had an impact on the sentence, said Judge Piechowiak.

He told the girl to clean up and “sit quietly”

The murder took place in the perpetrator's family home. The injured party was repeatedly hit on the head by AM with a fist and an unknown blunt-edged or rounded instrument, which resulted in numerous injuries, including fractures of the facial bones and the bones of the skull base. Moreover, the torturer tightened a bandage around the victim's neck, causing laryngeal injuries and leading to his death as a result of violent suffocation. In order to hide the body, the accused threw it into a sewage tank. He told his girlfriend to clean up the blood from the floor and walls, wash her clothes and “sit quietly.”

The neighbor's body was fished out of the septic tank almost 4 months after the incident. Down AM was stopped only in December 2021. on the train in Lębork. The man was wanted on an arrest warrant.

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