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He killed three people, no trace of him is available. A year after the crime in Borowce, they are still looking for Jacek Jaworek

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One year after the crime in Borowce (Śląskie Voivodeship), the prosecutor’s office and the police are still looking for Jacek Jaworek, who is suspected of murdering three people: his brother, sister-in-law and nephew. Investigators have not been able to find his trail for 12 months. According to the investigators, the man is either alive and hiding – in Poland or abroad – or is no longer alive. The proceedings in the case were extended for another three months.

On July 10, 2021, in the town of Borowce near Częstochowa, in a detached house, policemen called to a house fight found the bodies of a married couple at the age of 44 and their 17-year-old son. The victims were shot, only the younger, 13-year-old son survived, who managed to hide first and then escape. He is the key witness in the investigation.

The findings of the investigators from the beginning indicated that the perpetrator of the crime was the 44-year-old’s brother, Jacek Jaworek, who recently lived with his family in a house in Borowce – after leaving the prison, where from March to June 2021 he was serving a substitute prison sentence in connection with the eviction of from paying child support.

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The investigation is still ongoing. Jacek Jaworek is not here

– The prosecutor’s office is continuing the investigation into the triple homicide, which took place on the night of July 9-10 last year in the town of Borowce. In the course of this investigation, the prosecutor presented charges of a triple murder to 52-year-old Jacek Jaworek, said Tomasz Ozimek from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa. And he added: – The man has not been interrogated, the charge has not been made to him, as he is hiding from law enforcement agencies so far.

Jacek Jaworek is wanted arrest warrant, followed by a European Arrest Warrant and a red Interpol note. As the prosecutor emphasizes, two investigative versions are still valid. – The first assumes that the wanted person is alive and hiding in Poland or outside the country. The second is that he is dead and his body is in an unknown place – describes Ozimek.

They interviewed almost 100 people, have over a dozen opinions, and extended the investigation

For a year, the investigators secured the evidence, heard almost 100 witnesses – including the family and residents of the town – and obtained several opinions, incl. in the field of forensics, ballistics, dactyloscopy and genetics. There was also a lie detector in use, which was tested, among others, by people who had contact with Jacek Jaworek just before the murder.

The investigation is still ongoing. It was extended for another three months, until October 10 this year. The prosecutor in charge of the case awaits, inter alia, also for IT and telecommunications materials from two EU countries that were approached as part of international legal assistance.

The prosecutor’s office does not reveal which countries are concerned. It is only known that these are EU countries, and the request for assistance concerns information on the use of electronic devices on their territory. It is known that Jaworek worked in SwitzerlandGermany and EC Italy.

The provincial police commander in Katowice also appointed an award of PLN 20,000. PLN for information that will help to stop Jaworek or find his body.

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This is what Jaworek may look like now

Possible appearance of Jacek JaworekSilesian police

The search for Jacek Jaworek continues. At the end of June, the police published possible variants of the appearance of the wanted – the so-called progressive portraits, illustrating what it might look like now. They were prepared by an expert from the Forensic Laboratory of the provincial headquarters in Katowice.

“All persons who have any information about the whereabouts of the wanted person are asked to contact the Criminal Police Department of the Police Headquarters in Katowice, tel. 798031306, the Municipal Police Headquarters in Częstochowa, tel. 47 858 1255, or the nearest Police unit, emergency number 112” – she reminded Silesian police.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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