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He lost his pension and insurance, gained a job and new friends. Viewers of “Fakty” came to help Mr. Michał

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On Thursday, Marek Nowicki told TVN’s “Fakty” the story of Mr. Michał, who is terminally ill, but lost his periodic pension from ZUS, and with it his insurance. In response to the material, the editorial office received a real wave of offers of help for Mr. Michał. Rappers also want to help the man.

Where the state and its institutions fail, people can usually count on people’s hearts. Mr. Karol Lament, head of the Vocational Activity Department in Goleniów, offered to employ a hero at his place Thursday’s material “Fakty” TVN. Thanks to this, the disabled Michał Cybulski, even though he does not have a pension, will gain the insurance he needs to continue his treatment. He will work remotely. – Today we had contact with each other, we talked, we exchanged the first documents, we have an appointment for next Wednesday in Warsaw. I think that there is an interesting future ahead of Mr. Michał – says Karol Lament.

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Michał Cybulski will also be helped by musicians from the GUGU label. Their fans noticed, while watching our material, that Mr. Michał listens to the same music as them. His tattoo told them so. – They attacked us from every possible side and at this point we have managed to react in such a way that Mateusz has already contacted the entire team of this boy who needs help and we hope that we will be able to help as much as possible. As far as I know, they have already made an appointment, they will meet on Sunday – says rapper RIP SCOTTY.

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Systemic problems

Michał Cybulski is fed parenterally and has a stoma. He lost his periodic pension from ZUS, and with it his insurance. – Yesterday I had an appointment for surgery. I have serious kidney problems. I can’t proceed with this surgery because I don’t have insurance, he says.

– There is no insurance, there is no treatment – they told him in one of the hospitals in Warsaw. – They said they could do it, but to be prepared that they would bill me for it. I can’t afford it and I don’t want to have such financial responsibility on my shoulders, so I just left there and said that I would arrange it so that I would have insurance – adds Mr. Michał.

Eight years ago, the PiS government announced that every citizen – regardless of whether they work or not, whether they are insured or not – will be able to benefit from Polish health care. – Because he is Polish – argued the then Minister of Health, Konstanty Radziwiłł.

Health insurance was to be abolished together with the National Health Fund. In 2017, then Prime Minister Beata Szydło talked about a “comprehensive reform” and a ready draft law. However, the changes did not enter into force.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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