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He wanted to get to his beloved in Russia on foot. He fell into the hands of border guards

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If we talk about what is happening at the border, these are rather dramatic stories. This time, for the first time, it is a love story, provided that the main character of this story told the truth to the border guards. The case goes like this – an Englishman fell in love with a Russian woman living in St. Petersburg on the Internet. Unfortunately, this is not an easy time to feel this way.

He was even ready to cross the green border for his beloved. He fell into the hands of Polish guards when he tried to get to Russia on foot in the dark. The thermal imaging camera of the Polish Border Guard captured a man wandering before dawn in the so-called border zone with the Königsberg region. The film shows the man, using a flashlight, persistently trying to find his way to Russia.

– You could say that love knows no limits. The man wanted to go to the girl – says Major Mirosława Aleksandrowicz from the Warmian-Masurian Border Guard Unit.

This story began a few hours earlier at the nearby border crossing with Russia in Grzechotki. That’s where the 37-year-old Englishman drove his car. – He declared entry into Saint Petersburg. To his fiancée, whom he met online, adds senior staff warrant officer. Bogumiła Konsalik from the Warmian-Masurian Border Guard Unit.

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He entered the border road, he wanted to get to Russiaborder guards

A failed escapade

The Englishman did not have a Russian visa or a valid car registration certificate, so the officers turned him away from the crossing. They spotted him again a few kilometers away on a forest road, on the “green border”, where – as he claimed – he had accidentally gotten stuck.

– His explanation was that the navigation had misdirected him, that he wanted to get to Lithuania, and then from Lithuania to Russia, because he desperately wanted to reach the girl – explains Major Mirosława Aleksandrowicz.

The Englishman had to postpone the meeting with the Russian until later. For entering the border strip and violating the traffic ban on the local border road, he was fined two and had to pay PLN 600.

Main photo source: YT/BORDER GUARD

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