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He was attacked because he was wearing an anti-fascist T-shirt. He waited for the police for 40 minutes

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The anti-fascist T-shirt was enough to get hit. Mr. Paweł suffered a series of blows at the station in Poznań. He waited for the police for 40 minutes. He himself suggested securing the monitoring. He asked the policemen if they could beat someone on the street with impunity?

In a crowd of people, you can be attacked for a trivial reason and be left to your own devices. The attackers were provoked by the anti-fascist symbol on the T-shirt. In the station tunnel, Mr. Paweł was attacked by six men. The result is a few bruises and scratches.

– There is one sleeve and the lower part is torn off. I saw that some shreds of material were also left in the attacker’s hands – says Mr. Paweł Kasprzak. – (The attacker – editor’s note) at least committed the crime of criminal threats, for which he may be punished by up to three years in prison – says junior inspector Andrzej Borowiak from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań. Mr. Paweł says that the attacker shouted that he would “f**k him up”.

He defended a passer-by and was beaten. Four suspects will appear in courtKWP Gdańsk

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Police translations

When Mr. Paweł freed himself, he did not want the attackers to go unpunished. – I called the police station in Poznań, and it took almost 40 minutes before the patrol arrived – he adds. – When this event occurred, we actually had several urgent interventions related to domestic violence reported – explains junior inspector. Andrzej Borowiak.

Mr. Paweł says he knows he was very lucky. The bandits escaped. The patrol told Mr. Paweł to go to the police station. The monitoring was secured only after his demands. – Fortunately, I asked for a referral for an autopsy, because I wouldn’t have even received one – he notes.

The man hopes that the police will try harder. – Maybe if I had pushed myself a little harder, had had more bad luck, something more could have been done about it. To my question: “Is it true that you can actually beat anyone on the street, but it can’t be too severe”, he (the policeman – editor’s note) replied that actually yes. And that you have to be careful that the losses do not exceed PLN 800. This is the country we live in, says Mr. Paweł.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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