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He was beaten and raped in the Borromeo Center. The court decided on compensation

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He came to Sister Bernadette’s center when he was two years old. He was beaten and raped there. Paweł left the center only 12 years later, when one of the teachers believed him when he told about the hell he lived in. The sister has already served a sentence of two years in prison, now the court has decided on compensation – PLN 500,000.

Paweł has not heard the verdict, but he already knows that he has won against them. He lives abroad because he wants to be as far away as possible from the building in front of which we spoke to him eight years ago. A pupil of the Borromean sisters then confessed that he had been beaten and locked up by nuns, and also raped by older pupils.

SEE THE MATERIAL OF “FACTS” TVN: “At the age of 6, I was raped for the first time. A shocking account of a Borromeo’s ward

– At the age of six, I was raped for the first time. I was locked up with other wards in a bedroom. They came to my bed and started me sleeping there. You can’t erase it from your head. I remember waking up screaming, but it was over. I hid under the duvet and cried – Paweł told the reporter of “Fakty” TVN.

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Now Sister Bernadette will pay for locking up with the older charges who were supposed to punish him. Solidarity together with the order and the insurer – that’s what the court decided. Paul will also receive a pension.

– We had a child in the background and a church institution on the other side, so it seemed that nothing bad could happen there. A heinous crime has been committed – says Przemysław Rosati, Paweł’s attorney and president of the Polish Bar Council.

The Sisters of Mercy, especially Bernadette, did not know mercy – says the author of the report “Will God forgive Sister Bernadette?”. – It was hell what those sisters did to the children there. Huge physical violence, punishments even for wetting the bed, beatings were ubiquitous – explains Justyna Kopińska.

Renata Kijowska’s conversation with Paweł02.05 | He was beaten and locked up by nuns, raped by other children. Paweł – a victim of violence in the Borromeo Center in Zabrze – tells “Fakt” TVN how the nuns destroyed his life. And he explains why he is now demanding a million zlotys in compensation and PLN 2,500 a monthly pension. tvn24

The judgment is not final

Some who were abused and forced to rape after leaving the center continued to abuse. They are serving sentences. Others have broken lives. Paul is still struggling with the trauma. He was only two years old when he moved to the Borromean Center in Zabrze. From the house of his drunk father, he was brought there with his sister. “She was handcuffed to the radiator,” she says.

Bernadette was sentenced to two years in prison for physically and mentally tormenting the entrusted children and allowing them to be sexually abused. She escaped punishment, but in the end she got it. – A beaten and tortured person has in mind that it will always be like this, that nothing can be done – said in an interview with the reporter of “Fakty” TVN, the Borromeo’s pupil.

Paweł found the strength to fight a few years ago. He demanded a million zlotys, half was awarded, but this is not the amount. – Most of the children have not decided to pursue their claims, unfortunately, also many claims have expired. The case of Mr. Paweł is a case that, to some extent, summarizes what was happening in the center – emphasizes Przemysław Rosati.

The judgment is not final. The parties may appeal.

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