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He was flying a drone over the area. He saved people trapped in a sinkhole

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A sinkhole engulfed an off-road vehicle in Colorado (USA). The accident occurred in a sparsely traveled area, and the car sank completely into the pit. The driver and passenger were saved by a coincidence – a drone controlled by a teenage pilot flew over the area. When the boy noticed the trapped car, he immediately informed the emergency services.

On Saturday, Josh, a teenager from the city of Brighton, Colorado, was flying his drone over the area as usual. That day he decided to fly over the Denver Hudson Canal in a remote part of one of the suburbs. Although it is usually a small stream, after the downpours it became a river with a rapid and strong course.

“It wouldn’t be a rescue operation”

At some point, the boy noticed a sinkhole in the bridge leading over the canal. There was a large object inside. Josh flew closer and noticed that there was an all-terrain vehicle in the hole in the ground. The vehicle fell into the sinkhole, wheels up, in such a way that it was virtually invisible.

Josh immediately reported the discovery to his parents and neighbor who is a firefighter – the adults decided they would call for help, but in the meantime they would go to the scene of the accident. As the boy admitted, he expected the vehicle to be empty, but upon arrival he heard panicked voices. Two people, a man and a woman, were trapped in the car.

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Firefighters and police officers arrived at the scene and began rescue operations. It had to be carried out expressly, because the water almost completely filled the cabin of the car, and the water level in the river could increase. After getting out of the wreckage, the driver and passenger were transported to the nearest hospital.

“If the water level had risen even slightly, it wouldn’t have been a rescue operation,” said a firefighter who arrived at the scene with Josh.

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A teenager with a drone saved two peopleENEX

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