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He was overtaking at the intersection and almost ran over a pedestrian. Recording

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An extremely dangerous road situation occurred in Starołęka, Poznań. Two vehicles overtook, the second car passed right in front of a pedestrian crossing the crossing. If he had not stopped in the middle of the road, he would have been hit.

The incident occurred on Monday around 4:40 p.m. on Forteczna Street in Poznań. The recording received by our editorial office shows two passenger cars overtaking a vehicle driving towards Kurlanda Street in which a video recorder is installed.

They decide to make the maneuver despite the continuous double line and signs informing about the prohibition of overtaking at the pedestrian crossing and the intersection with Warowna Street. When the first car passes through the intersection in the left lane, the pedestrian approaches the crossing. The second vehicle overtakes the properly moving car when the pedestrian is already on the zebra crossing.

The pedestrian stopped and the car passed

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Fortunately, the pedestrian wearing a dark jacket with a hood sees the speeding car and stops in the right lane. A taxi driver also gives up on leaving Warowna Street in time because he wanted to take advantage of the moment when the driver of a car with a video recorder lets a pedestrian pass to turn left into Forteczna Street. A car behind a taxi turns right, which is overtaken by a road pirate who almost hit a pedestrian a moment earlier.

As Marta Mróz from the press office of the Poznań City Police Headquarters told us, they have not yet received the recording of the incident. – We encourage the person who recorded the incident to send the video to the “stop road aggression” box, then the road traffic team from the Provincial Police Headquarters will analyze the video and talk about the threats caused by this driver – says Marta Mróz from the Poznań Police Headquarters press office.

Did you record a pirate? Send video

The police encourage all people who witness aggressive behavior on the part of another road user to send recordings to the “stop road aggression” box. In order for the police to be able to effectively prosecute perpetrators of offenses visible in video materials, it is necessary to indicate the date, time and place of the incident (city, road number or street name), and, if possible, provide details of the vehicle whose driver committed the offense (registration number, make) and your details. . “If you are unable to send the file, hand over the material to the nearest police station,” the police appeal.

Here you will find a list of e-mail addresses to which the recording can be sent

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