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He was running away from the police and damaged four cars. Recording

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The police caught a driver who did not stop for a road check in Witoszów Dolny (Lower Silesia). The 26-year-old damaged four cars while escaping through the streets of Świdnica. By decision of the court, he will spend the next three months in custody.

The incident took place on Saturday, February 24, around 6 p.m. in Witoszów Dolny. The police noticed an Audi car whose driver, according to their information, did not have a driving license. Using light and sound signals, the officers ordered the driver to stop.

Police chase through the streets of Świdnica

According to the police in Świdnica, when he saw the police car he started a mad escape, during which he ignored, among others, road signs, speed limit, he drove onto sidewalks. After driving through Witoszów, the 26-year-old entered Świdnica.

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Chase after a driver in ŚwidnicaKPP in Świdnica

Meanwhile in the square John Paul II A peaceful demonstration took place in Świdnica, organized on the second anniversary of the Russian attack on… Ukraine. Police officers were on site to ensure the safety of these people.

Manifestation in Świdnica KPP in Świdnica

As the police add, in order to protect the participants of the demonstration, the officers set up a blockade street Cooperative. While escaping, the driver of the Audi hit a police car, damaging it and another car. The 26-year-old drove further along the square where the event was taking place, then hit another roadblock again, hitting a second police car and a car parked nearby. Later, the man drove into Klasztorna Street, where he abandoned the car and fled on foot. The driver was quickly detained.

The man had a court ban

As he explained in a conversation with the police, he started to run away because he was afraid of legal consequences for breaking the court driving ban. The 26-year-old was sober at the time of his arrest, but his blood was taken for testing; the results will show whether he will face additional charges.

The 26-year-old was charged. By decision of the court, he was placed in pre-trial detention for a period of three months. The investigation is supervised by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica.

Main photo source: KPP in Świdnica

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