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He was supposed to get drunk and rape a 16-year-old girl who worked on his farm. He heard the verdict

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The District Court in Radom sentenced the owner of the orchard to two years and eight months in prison. The man was accused of drunk and raped a 16-year-old girl who worked on his farm. The 66-year-old is also to pay the victim 50,000 zlotys in compensation. The judgment is not final.

The justification of the judgment was classified. The process was also held in public. The prosecutor demanded a total sentence of two years and eight months in prison for the accused, as well as an additional penalty for the aggrieved party in the amount of PLN 50,000. The defense lawyer asked for the accused to be acquitted.

He was supposed to jerk the girl and hit her

The prosecutor’s office accused the 66-year-old owner of an orchard near Radom, committing two crimes. According to investigators, the man got a teenager drunk and then, by using violence against her, led to sexual intercourse. He was also supposed to jerk the girl, hit her all over the body and on the head. The victim suffered bodily injuries proving that she defended herself against the attacker.

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For drinking a minor, a man is punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to two years. Rape is punishable by a prison sentence of two to 12 years.

She worked with her mother on a fruit farm

In May 2020, the 16-year-old started seasonal work in a fruit farm near Radom. The girl’s mother also worked part-time there, but came home for the night. The owner of the farm gave the girl a separate room so that she would not have to travel.

According to investigators, he offered the 16-year-old to alcohol, persuaded her to drink with it, and then, against her will, induced sexual intercourse. In the morning, the teenager got on the bicycle and ran away home. She didn’t know what was happening to her, she was in pain and her clothes were torn. Her mother filed a rape complaint.

The man did not plead guilty to the alleged acts. He denied that he had persuaded the minor to drink alcohol and that he had had intercourse with her against her will.

The judgment is not final.

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