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He was visiting military forts and suddenly disappeared. They found him injured in one of the tunnels

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He was visiting old forts and suddenly he lost his footing. He fell into the tunnel. He was conscious, but he couldn’t get out on his own. It was also unknown where he was exactly. The forts were searched jointly by policemen, firefighters from Łomża and Piątnica, and paramedics. They managed to quickly find the 37-year-old tourist and was taken to hospital.

The officer on duty of the Łomża police received a report about a man who fell into the tunnel from a height of about four meters. The incident took place in Fort No. I in Piątnica, while a tourist from Warsaw was visiting post-war remains.

Policemen and firefighters searched the forts areaPodlasie police


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Officers were sent to the scene immediately. In addition to securing the scene, together with the firefighters already present in the forts, they combed the area and checked the underground corridors in order to locate the place where the man fell as quickly as possible. The report showed that the victim is conscious, but may have a leg injury. Darkness and dampness in the tunnels did not make the task any easier.

After walking about 50 meters from the main entrance, they found a lying man. It was at the point of connecting corridors that were about four meters high. After giving the 37-year-old first aid, he was retrieved from the bunker on a stretcher. Paramedics took the injured resident of Warsaw to the hospital.

They found the injured tourist in one of the tunnelsPodlasie police

Main photo source: Podlasie police


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