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Health Minister Adam Niedzielski: the law on quality in health care will return in a changed form

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The law on quality in health care will come back in a changed form, announced the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski on Monday. The changes, he added, will concern, among other things, maintaining the Quality Monitoring Center and separating the no-fault issue from the act. In mid-April, the ruling camp lost a vote in the Sejm over the Senate’s veto to the bill.

The Minister of Health participated in Katowice in the 15th edition of the European Economic Congress. He was a guest at a session on financing the health care system. He was asked about the fate of the act on quality in health care, which assumed, among other things, the introduction of a mandatory quality and safety management system, i.e. monitoring of adverse events.

On April 14, the Sejm failed to override the Senate’s veto on this bill. Adam Niedzielski he later emphasized that he was determined to continue working on the regulation. As he said, the next draft should appear at the next session of the Sejm.

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Niedzielski: this is a topic we cannot let go of

On Monday, Adam Niedzielski said in Katowice that “this is a topic that he cannot let go of because it is too important for patients.”

– Determination doesn’t change. I believe that this is a key act that changes the philosophy of the system, because if we start paying for the quality of the procedure instead of for the procedure, the financially motivated system will react differently – said the minister.

He informed that there will be changes in the regulation compared to the previous version of the act. “We want to make a gesture, a gesture of reaching out a hand or an olive branch, when it comes to the most important remarks,” he pointed out.

The discussions, he added, concerned, among others, the accreditation center, i.e. the Quality Monitoring Center. – We decided that as part of the amendments we would like to separate the function of the accrediting institution from the payer. The act will not contain provisions abolishing the CMJ, Niedzielski said.

He noted that the second change is related to the discussion on the no-fault system. As the Minister of Health said, the discussion around the act shows that we are not ready to decide at the moment on the shape of the no-fault clause. – The clause that has attracted the most controversy. We will slightly separate this topic from the act, we will discuss it further – indicated Niedzielski.

The idea of ​​no-fault concerns the possibility of compensating patients for the occurrence of adverse medical events without adjudicating the fault of medics.

Minister of Health Adam NiedzielskiPAP/Zbigniew Meissner

Niedzielski: I am responsible for the implementation of topics that are sometimes controversial

Minister Niedzielski also announced that the act on quality will now focus on having legal grounds for paying for quality, measuring it and accounting for it.

When asked in the context of this regulation whether he is not afraid of another failure, he replied that “politics is such and not different, which I am brutally convinced of.” – We are in a period that is getting more and more difficult because the elections are approaching. There is already a campaign, every opportunity to step up, and I think that’s what happened in the case of this bill, is good for manifesting one’s political differences, he said.

– I’m not here to please everyone. I’m not here to administer easily. I am responsible for the implementation of topics that are sometimes controversial (…) or require a broader perspective – he added.

Niedzielski said that the plans assume that the vote on the bill in the new form will take place at the Sejm session in May.

The presidents of self-governments of medical professions appealed to the deputies not to adopt the act on quality in health care and patient safety in its then form. In their opinion, it did not bring positive systemic solutions, on the contrary – it would act to the detriment of patients and medics. They declared their readiness to participate in the preparation of a completely new draft law on quality.

Main photo source: PAP/Zbigniew Meissner

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