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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski: we have ordered more than twice as many flu vaccines

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Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced on Friday that “if there is a feeling that there are no influenza vaccines on the pharmacy market, they will be redirected there in the near future.” He assured that anyone willing will be able to get vaccinated this year, although “we may have to wait a while”.

Niedzielski was asked on Friday about problems with buying flu vaccines in pharmacies. – We ordered more than twice as many vaccines as last year, this number is five million – said the head of the Ministry of Health.

– This is the number that I think will meet the demand without any problem. However, we need to juggle how many of these vaccines are being targeted at vaccinators. The majority is usually directed to this institutional market, the minority works in such a way that they come to the pharmacy, buy a vaccine and only go for vaccination – pointed out Adam Niedzielski.


“We are trying to lead this stream of five million vaccines. If there is any feeling of shortage on the pharmacy market, we will redirect there and we will do so in the near future – announced the head of the Ministry of Health. – Everyone willing to get vaccinated this year, it may be necessary to wait a while, but there are vaccinations – added the Minister of Health.

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Free flu vaccinations for seniors and officers

According to the August ordinance of the Minister of Health, free and voluntary flu vaccinations are available to people over 75 years of age and pregnant women, as well as medical workers, pharmacists, academic teachers, students and doctoral students participating in classes with patients, pharmaceutical inspection staff and employees. social welfare homes.

This possibility is also available to employees of schools and kindergartens, care and education centers, care and therapy centers and intervention pre-adoption centers. Patients of care and treatment facilities, nursing and care facilities, hospices, palliative medicine departments and residents of social welfare homes can also benefit from free vaccinations.

Minister of Health Adam NiedzielskiPAP / Sebastian Borowski

Officers or soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, the Police, the Border Guard, the Marshal’s Guard, the Internal Security Agency, the Foreign Intelligence Agency, the Central Anticorruption Bureau, the Military Intelligence Service, the Military Counterintelligence Service, the Customs and Treasury Service, the State Fire Service can get vaccinated free of charge. State Protection Service, Prison Service, Road Transport Inspection, Railroad Guards, municipal (city) guards and members of volunteer fire brigades, mountain and water rescuers, as well as patient ombudsmen of a psychiatric hospital. People who are eligible for free flu vaccination do not need to receive a referral from their doctor for vaccination and do not need to make an appointment at a clinic. The patient only needs to come to one of the vaccination centers and make an appointment for the injection.

Reimbursed flu vaccinations for specific groups

A 50% refund is available to people aged 65-74, people aged 18-64 with comorbidities and children from 2 to 5 years of age. According to the draft of the new drug reimbursement list, which is to apply from November 1, the 50% reimbursement is to cover children and adolescents aged 6 months to 18 years. Groups not covered by the reimbursement can get the flu vaccination for full payment. After receiving the flu vaccine, immunity builds up in two to three weeks and lasts 6-12 months. Because the flu virus changes rapidly, the composition of the vaccine is slightly different each year. It is developed on the basis of the new virus strains that cause flu in a given season.

Main photo source: PAP / Sebastian Borowski

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