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Health. White bread may have the properties of whole grain bread

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British scientists are developing a new type of white bread. They want it to taste the same as bread made from classic wheat flour, but at the same time be as healthy and rich in nutritional value as dark bread.

According to the BBC, British scientists are developing a concept of a new type of bread that will be as tasty as white bread, but its nutritional value will be much higher, comparable to whole grain bread. Their project is addressed primarily to white bread lovers who do not want to give it up. The BBC notes that many bakers have so far tried to make their bread healthier by adding bran to it, but many customers have been dissatisfied due to the different taste and consistency.

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White bread can be as healthy as whole grain bread

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As Dr. Catherine Howarth from the University of Aberystwyth explains, researchers started their project with a detailed analysis of the chemical composition of classic wheat flour. The next step is to add small amounts of wheat germ and bran, which are usually removed in the production of wheat bread, as well as grains rich in vitamins and fiber. The researcher admitted that it requires a “delicate balancing act”.

“We want to find out exactly which vitamins and minerals are lost in the flour milling process,” she said. – By using other cereals, we can increase the level of iron, zinc and vitamins, and above all, fiber, of which white bread contains very little, but is very important for health – she emphasized. Researchers are therefore creating bread that will not differ in taste from classic white bread, but will be much richer in nutrients.

In the final phase of the project, consumers are to try the resulting bread to see if they will be able to distinguish its taste from ordinary slices of wheat bread. Researchers hope that the new product will appear on store shelves in about two years. “Most people know that whole grain bread is better for their health, but many are put off by the taste or because they are not used to it and simply don't care,” said Chris Holister of Shipton Mill, which is responsible for the baking. new loaves.

“Whole grain bread is better for health, but many people don't like it”Shutterstock

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Nutritional values ​​of bread

Prof. Tim Lang from City University, who is not involved in the project, believes it could be an important step in improving society's health. – Critics will say it's cheating people to improve their diet, but nutritionists would say it doesn't matter how it's done, what matters is that it helps people improve their health, he stressed.

The healthiest bread is considered to be that made from wholemeal, whole grain and wholemeal flour. Brown bread is much richer in vitamins and fiber than white bread. However, before purchasing such bread, it is worth checking whether its color is due to artificial dyes. The fiber contained in cereal products has a beneficial effect on reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. It also helps in reducing excess body weight.

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