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Healthcare workers’ protest. Conference in the white town

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The Protesting and Strike Committee for Healthcare, the day before the next round of talks with the Ministry of Health, organized a conference in the “White Town”. “The talks fail,” said the protesters. In the published statement, they stated that “the intention of the government is that the talks should continue and show ‘the goodwill of the government’. In fact, there is no goodwill.” They also said that threats are reaching the white town.

Previous talks between the protesters and representatives of the health ministry took place on September 21, 23, 28, 30 and October 5. All meetings take place at the “Dialog” Social Partnership Center in Warsaw. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday.

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“Public health care is actually falling apart”

The day before the meeting, the Protesting and Strike Committee for Healthcare organized a conference in the white town in front of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

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Artur Drobniak, vice-president of the Supreme Medical Council, stated that “public health care is actually falling apart”. – It is on our shoulders, on the shoulders of thousands of nurses, thousands of doctors, thousands of radiotherapists, laboratory diagnosticians, pharmacists, paramedics and all other medical and non-medical professions – he mentioned.

– The talks come to nothing – he added, referring to the dialogue with the Ministry of Health.


Conference in a white town 2.0TVN24

Drobniak said: – It’s not us, it’s not doctors, nurses are responsible for the fact that you wait many months in the queue, that you wait for an ambulance that does not come, or that the test results will be in two or three weeks.

– This is happening because this system is dying and the government, this and the previous one as well, is not doing much to help workers and patients, he explained. He announced here a statement in which – as he described – it will be explained what the talks with the rulers have so far looked like. An announced statement was published after the conference.

“The course of the talks is embarrassing. They prove that the Minister of Health does not want any changes in the system. We can see that the intention of the government is that the talks should continue and show the ‘goodwill of the government’. In fact, there is no goodwill. Representatives of the Minister of Health are not prepared, we do not receive the promised documents and analyzes. At each meeting we always come back to the starting point “- it was written in it, among other things.

The management of the Ministry of Health argues that the implementation of the wage demands of the protesters is unsustainable in next year’s budget.

Ptok: the deputy minister says that we are reaching the shore, I say that we are in the middle of the lake

Krystyna Ptok, president of the National Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives, assessed that “there are no ideas for healing the system”. – We are to be slaves at work and this is probably the only thing that matters – she summed up.

When asked about the upcoming Thursday talks, she replied: – Yesterday, when I asked the deputy minister whether more time is needed, the minister chuckled and said: “Who needs? You or me?”. This means that the deputy minister does not need this time, he is ready for talks tomorrow, for closing the case and drawing up an agreement with us. The deputy minister says that we are reaching the shore, and I say that we are in the middle of the lake – said Ptok.

Ptok: the deputy minister says that we are reaching the shore, and I say that we are at the end of the lakeTVN24

A minor about threats

At the conference, Drobniak also mentioned the current events surrounding the protest. – The government’s policy of building aversion, sometimes aggression, towards medics has its fruits and today we are reaping such fruits – he began.

– We got calls that “White Town” will become a bloody, scarlet town. In the face of this, we are curious whether the minister (of health), who was outraged by the actions directed against him in the Sejm and by a person he knows, will also be outraged by what happened against us – he said.

The Vice-President of the Supreme Medical Council spoke here about the event of September 16, when Grzegorz Braun, Member of the Confederation, addressing Adam Niedzielski from the Sejm rostrum, said “you’ll be hanging“These words caused unanimous indignation in the plenary hall. The case remained submitted notification to the prosecutor’s office.

Healthcare workers’ protest

On September 11, after a manifestation of health care workers in Warsaw near the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the so-called “White Town 2.0” was established, referring to the 2007 “White Town” of nurses. Among other things, thematic panels and lectures are held there. You can also take part in preventive free examinations.

White Town 2.0 in front of the Prime Minister’s Office in Warsaw Facebook / Healthcare Protest and Strike Committee

Main photo source: TVN24

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