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Healthcare workers’ protest. Meeting with Deputy Minister of Health Piotr Bromber

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Officials of the health ministry met on Tuesday with representatives of the National Protest and Strike Committee of Healthcare Workers. – The meeting was substantive, we have an agreed schedule for the next meetings. We discussed in detail point by point – said Deputy Health Minister Piotr Bromber after the meeting. Artur Drobniak, vice-president of the Supreme Medical Council, assessed that Tuesday’s talks were “the first step to overcome the impasse”. The next meeting is to be held on Thursday.


The meeting started around 2 p.m. on Tuesday and ended around 6 p.m.

Healthcare workers said it was “a technical meeting”.

Drobniak: the first step to overcome the impasse

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– Today we met with representatives of the Ministry of Health in order to re-discuss the postulates of all medical circles represented by the committee, i.e. 600,000 medics and non-medics, not to mention patients for whose welfare and health we are fighting here – said Drobniak.

– We suggested establishing the forms of meetings and the work schedule. They were jointly accepted by both sides. We hoped that the ongoing protest and the ministry’s constant assurances about the willingness to cooperate would make the government adopt our organizational concepts and present us with a proposal for changes aimed at repairing public health care in Poland, such a proposal was not made, but the calculation of the costs of introducing they are to be communicated to us before the next meeting, he continued. The next one is to be held on Thursday.

– This is the first step to overcome the impasse and we are all the more determined to take further action. We still declare our readiness to cooperate so that finally there will be changes for the better in public health. And now we are returning to the “White Town” – emphasized Drobniak.

Protesters: It was a technical meeting for us, another meeting on ThursdayTVN24

Deputy Minister of Health: It was a good meeting

– The meeting was substantive, we have an agreed schedule for the next meetings. We discussed point by point in great detail, said Deputy Minister Piotr Bromber. – We also agreed that each party would provide the necessary information requested by (the other – ed.) – he added.

He said “it was a good meeting”. “I think we are in a good position today because we are looking for dialogue,” said Bromber.

Bromber: It was a good meeting, we are in dialogue all the timeTVN24

The main postulate is to increase expenditure on health care

Before entering the meeting, Krystyna Ptok, the chairman of the National Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives, replied to the question which of the postulates was the most important, that “all are important”.

– The main demand is to increase expenditure on health care to the level that European countries have long achieved in 2018 – she emphasized. – We have a demographic catastrophe. In the near future, a quarter of the population will be 65 years old. Without proper staff, there is no treatment – she emphasized.

Bromber was a guest of Radio Zet this morning. – We have our meeting and talks agenda. I would like the parties to learn from me what we have to say and what to talk about. We will analyze all the expectations of the protesters, we will analyze these demands point by point. The agenda for this meeting is precisely these points. We will discuss each point by point and we will look for a space for agreement – he said.

White Town in front of the Prime Minister’s Office

“White Town 2.0” was set up in Warsaw’s Aleje Ujazdowskie, near the prime minister’s office, directly after parade of health workers, which took place on September 11. This form of protest alludes to the white town of nurses in summer 2007. From that day on, panels, information campaigns and preventive examinations were organized every day. Each day was devoted to a different topic, including child psychiatry, nursing and obstetrics, internal diseases and family medicine, and oncology.

This form of protest was interrupted by a tragic event on Saturday. On that day, during a conference in the white town, a tragic event took place – from the preliminary findings of the police, it appears that self-mutilation took place there. The older man who did this died in the hospital.

Main photo source: TVN24

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