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Healthcare workers’ protest. Wojciech Szaraniec and Adam Piechnik comment

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Medical professionals are fighting for higher wages, better working conditions and better financing of the entire health care system. Their protest is scheduled for Saturday in Warsaw. – We will be stationed in the white town of 2.0 to meet our demands – said in “Check” on TVN24 doctor, chairman of the Residents Alliance Wojciech Szaraniec. Paramedic Adam Piechnik stated that “every element of the health care system requires correction, reform”.


In recent days, there have been talks between medical representatives and the management of the Ministry of Health, but they have not brought any results. The ministry first accused the protesters of the lack of specific demands, then the excessive expectations, including the expectation of a sudden, huge increase in spending, by many billions of zlotys. “You can use this kind of comparison that the expectation is formulated here that tomorrow we must launch the rocket and fly to Mars. It is simply unrealistic – said the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski on Friday.

That day, after the talks, the medics said that their strike would not be canceled and that a white town would be built. They expressed disappointment that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was absent during the meeting with the government.

Szaraniec: today we had the apogee of aggression on the part of Minister Niedzielski

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The doctor, the chairman of the Resident Alliance Wojciech Szaraniec and the paramedic Adam Piechnik spoke more about the situation related to the medics’ protest in the TVN24 program.

– Today we had the apogee of hatred, the apogee of aggression on the part of Minister Niedzielski, said Wojciech Szaraniec. He thus referred to the words of the Minister of Health about the launch of the rocket and the flight to Mars.

– For us it is incomprehensible how you can talk about doctors and nurses in this way. We are serious people, while Polish public health is also a serious topic, such comparisons are simply out of place, such hate is incomprehensible – he continued.

Szaraniec: at this point, Minister Niedzielski is sending us into space

Referring to the course of the talks with the government, he noted that the environment felt disappointed that the prime minister did not participate in them. – Yesterday (Thursday, September 9 – ed.) We had talks with Minister Niedzielski, we were informed and assured that today we will also meet with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. We have been deceived, it was a great manipulation – said Szaraniec. – At this point, Minister Niedzielski sends us into space or Mars there. We treat it as another slogan “let them go”. I think you can say here that it is like “let them go 2.0” – said the chairman of the Residents Alliance, referring to the words MP Józefina Hrynkiewicz from PiS in 2017when she used the words “let them go” referring to doctors who would decide to work abroad.

Szaraniec: today we had the apogee of aggression on the part of Minister NiedzielskiTVN24

Szaraniec: we will be stationed in the white town 2.0 to meet our demands

Szaraniec also talked about what the protest will look like. – We will be stationed in a white town 2.0 to meet our demands, we have nothing left – said the doctor. At the same time, he argued that in the protest of medics “patients are the most important, the most important is public health protection, which is dying”.

Piechnik: every element of this system requires reform

Paramedic Adam Piechnik said he would take part in Saturday’s protest. “We are fighting for the same thing,” he explained.

– We are fighting that in some time – if I become a patient, and everyone will, one day, Mr. it looks the way it looks, you will meet a doctor, then a physiotherapist, dietitian, laboratory technician, with every element of this health care system that requires correction, reform – so that you leave this hospital – asked Krzysztof Skórzyński, who runs the program.

Paramedic Adam Piechnik: every element of this system requires reformTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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