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Heat floods Italy. Tourists faint in lines to the Colosseum. There was an appeal to change the opening hours of the most important monuments

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Heat floods Italy. Every day, dozens of tourists pass out while waiting to enter the famous Colosseum. The reason is the high air temperature. Councilors from Rome appealed to change the opening hours of the monument, as well as other tourist attractions.

About 70-80 people a day faint in the queue to the Roman Colosseum due to heat exceeding even 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, there was an appeal to urgently change the opening hours of the monument in order to avoid further crisis situations during record-breaking heat.

Avoid the biggest sun

The Flavian Amphitheater is currently open from 9 am, when the sun is already shining strongly, and closes at 7.15 pm, when the severe heat begins to slowly subside.

Tourists from all over the world who want to visit the famous monument these days are often exposed to waiting in full sun. It is near the Colosseum that the most cases of fainting in Rome are recorded.

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One of the Roman councilors – Dario Nanni – sent a request to the city authorities to change the opening hours of the ancient amphitheater as soon as possible, adapting them to weather conditions. They are extremely difficult and will remain so for a long time this summer.

According to the “Roma Today” portal, according to the councilor, the Colosseum should be opened at 7.30 so that at least some tourists can be spared staying in the “frying pan”, which is the square around it. In addition, he appealed for extending the hours of visiting the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the monuments of the ancient Circus Maximus stadium, currently closed at 6 pm.

Flavian Amphitheater in Rome – illustrative photoPajor Pawel / Shutterstock.com

More heat waves are coming

This appeal coincided with the announcement of another impact of a new anticyclone in Italy, named Charon bis. It is also supposed to bring temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in Rome.

The Eternal City this summer is a record holder – it is in the capital that the highest level of heat alert has been announced the most times so far. The persistently high temperature there has already caused the national media to hail Rome as the “Hell City”.

Main photo source: Pajor Pawel / Shutterstock.com

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