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Heat. How fast does the car heat up? On the dashboard, the “scale was missing” on the thermometer

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A locked car in the heat turns into a death trap. When it is 30 degrees Celsius outside, it does not take much time for the interior of the car to heat up to a temperature that threatens health and life. Maciej Kasiński from the Volunteer Fire Department in Wrocław explained on TVN24 what threatens a child left in such a car and how to act when we witness such a situation.

The heatwave reached Poland on Saturday. Thermometers in many places show over 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Among a number of rules that will help us protect ourselves from the heat, remember that you should leave passengers in a hot car, especially children and the elderly, for whom high temperature is particularly dangerous. Even in the case of a short stop, it poses a huge threat to their health and life. Pets should not be left in parked cars in the heat.

In hot weather, the temperature inside the vehicle is much higher than outside. It takes a dozen or so minutes for the interior of a passenger car parked in the sun to heat up to 40 degrees Celsius in 30-degree heat. After an hour, with the air temperature exceeding 30 degrees C, some elements of the vehicle’s equipment can heat up to over 60 degrees C.

Over 50 degrees on the dashboard, 45 degrees on the seat

Maciej Kasiński from the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Wrocław. The mercury on the thermometer left on the dashboard showed over 50 degrees Celsius. “The scale is missing,” said the fireman.

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It didn’t take long for the thermometer on the chair to show a similar value. It was 45 degrees C on it.

What happens to the person inside the car at such a temperature. especially with a child whose body is most sensitive to heat? As Kasiński emphasized, “there may be a heatstroke, in a critical situation death may occur.”

The thermometer on the dashboard showed over 50 degrees CelsiusTVN24

How quickly the car heats upMaria Samczuk/PAP

How to safely break a window

How should we react if we witness a situation where we see that there is a child or pet in a closed car in the heat? As the TVN24 interlocutor explained, “first of all, contact the emergency number 112, inform about the situation. The dispatcher will probably send a police patrol and ask you to try to make contact with the child by knocking on the window.”

If we find that a longer stay of a person or animal threatens his life and health, we have the right to break the window in the car. As Maciej Kasiński said, we may also be asked to do so by the dispatcher, with whom we will talk under the emergency number. How to safely break the glass? – It is best to use a glass breaker, but you can also use a wheel wrench. You should hit the corner of the window from the side opposite to the injured person, explained the fireman.

After he spoke, we should move the person pulled out of the car into the shade and inform the dispatcher who will send an emergency medical team to the site.

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HeatstrokePAP/Maria Samczuk

This is how the inside of the car heats up in the heatTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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