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Heat in Europe. A “wedge of heat” has driven into Europe. It’s hot, it’s going to get hotter. In Poland, the heat is up to 36 degrees

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The African heat drove a wedge into Europe, bringing temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in places. In many places there are alerts against dangerous to health and life high temperatures. According to the latest calculations, extremely oppressive heat will also reach Poland over the weekend. On Sunday, even 36 degrees is possible in our country – informed the weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. “The temperature is going crazy,” she admitted.

The wedge of heat that reached over Europe into Europe brought the temperature increase above 30 degrees Celsius not only in the south and south-west of Europe, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek told tvnmeteo.pl weather forecaster. We are used to the fact that the temperature in the south of Spain exceeds 40 degrees every day, but the heat wave is spreading to other, less obvious areas. C. On Tuesday, the temperature reached 37 degrees C in the interior of France, in the town of Saint-Etienne in the Massif Central. In German Baden-Württemberg, thermometers showed 35 degrees Celsius. “Temperatures are going crazy” – admitted the weather forecaster.

What is happening in the north of Europe, beyond the Arctic Circle, deserves attention. In Norway, in the town of Banak, the temperature reached 29 degrees C, and meteorologists expect there to record 30 degrees C on the maximum thermometer – a sensitive instrument that captures the smallest temperature fluctuations.

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Temperature in Europe, Tuesday 11/07/23Wetter Online

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Soon it will be our turn – warns our weather forecaster. On Wednesday in the south of Poland – in Silesia, Lesser Poland and Podkarpacie – the temperature is to exceed 30 degrees C, just before the storm front enters from Germany. As Unton-Pyziołek warned, it will be even warmer over the weekend. In the south-west of our country, in the Lubuska Land, Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska, we can even record 35 degrees C, and on Sunday the heat can reach – according to the latest calculations – 36 degrees C. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management intends to issue second-degree heat alerts for the whole of Poland.

Forecast temperature for Saturday 15/07/23tropicaltidbits.com

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Heat wedge driven into Europe, July 11, 23tropicaltidbits.com

Italy. Cerberus brought over 40 degrees

The African anticyclone, which was given the name of Cerberus, came with full force over Italy. On Tuesday, the highest level of heat alert is in effect in Rome, Rieti, Latina, Frosinone, Florence, Bolzano, Perugia and Turin. The red alert is also to apply on Wednesday, and in places on Thursday.

In Rome, for another day in a row, temperatures reach 36-37 degrees Celsius. Medical services help people who faint on the streets. There are many tourists among them, visiting the city even in the hottest hours and standing in the sun in queues to the monuments.

Florence is in a difficult situation. The local Civil Defense extended the highest level of alert due to the heat until Thursday. Temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius are recorded there. Record-breaking heat is also expected in Sardinia, where meteorologists predict heat well above 40 degrees Celsius during the weekend.

Heatwave in RomePAP/EPA/Riccardo Antimiani

Heatwave in RomePAP/EPA/Riccardo Antimiani

Spain. Up to 44 degrees Celsius

In Spain, the National Meteorological Service issued heat warnings for 30 provinces on Tuesday. The hottest is to be in the valley of the river Genil, on which Granada is located – there in the afternoon the thermometers are to show up to 44 degrees Celsius. In the north of the country, in Aragon, the temperature will reach 43 degrees Celsius.

It’s unbearably hot in Madrid. The capital of Spain is under an orange heat alert. City dwellers try to cool off in a variety of ways, often over the city’s bodies of water, including El Retiro Park.

– As we rowed, we tried to stay out of the shade as much as possible. We poured water on each other: hats, sunglasses, everything else,” one of them told Reuters.

Meteorologists predict the heatwave will last until at least Wednesday.

Hot in MadridReuters

Hot in MadridReuters

Greece. Tourists under special protection

On Wednesday heatwave hits Greece – thermometers will show values ​​close to or exceeding 40 degrees C for at least a week. The country’s authorities have issued a number of guidelines for tourists and residents, encouraging them to avoid exposure to the sun, wear hats and sunglasses and give up strenuous activities. In cities, air-conditioned spaces will be available in common rooms and clubs, as well as at stadiums, where homeless people will also be able to find shelter.

In connection with the forecasted high temperatures, the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni ordered increased precautions at archaeological sites. Sunshades will be installed on the Acropolis and visitors will receive free water on the hottest days. Authorities are also considering interrupting the opening hours of some monuments during the hottest hours.

France. Too hot for coffee shops

Hot weather hit France. Heat warnings are in effect in the eastern part of the country. According to forecasts, on Tuesday it will be the hottest in the Rhône department and on the coast. In Lyon, the largest city of the Rhône, on Monday the felt temperature was 42 degrees Celsius – the highest in the country.

The heat episode should end on Tuesday night into Wednesday when it is forecast to arrive thunderstorms. The heat is especially unbearable for people working outdoors, including in dining establishments. As the recordings showed, the terraces of cafes in Lyon were empty on Monday, and customers avoided high temperatures during the day.

Hot in LyonENEX

Hot in LyonENEX

The czech republic. Heat and strong storms

Our southern neighbors have a hot week ahead of them. Temperatures are now over 30 degrees Celsius. The first half of the week is supposed to be tropical – at least until Thursday, temperatures will not fall below 30 degrees C during the day. Thursday and Friday will be cooler, but temperatures will still hover around 30 degrees.

– The heatwave will continue. Tomorrow and today we expect temperatures to exceed 31 degrees, meteorologist Polina Matyunina said on Monday.

The weather service has warned that a side effect of the heatwave is expected to be severe thunderstorms.

PAP, Reuters, ENEX, AEMET, ekathimerini.com

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Riccardo Antimiani/tropicaltidbits.com

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