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Heat in Poland – when will they come back? Forecast for the second half of July and August

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In the coming days, we will face a reshuffle in the weather. As predicted by the tvnmeteo.pl synoptic, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, before the warmth over Poland, there will be a bay of coolness over our part of the continent. In the next week, the temperature will significantly exceed 30 degrees, and the heat is to stay with us even until the end of the month.

Wednesday, July 13, is exceptionally hot – indicates the tvnmeteo.pl weatherman, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. In the west of the country, the temperature has risen to 30 degrees Celsius, which may give the impression that the bad streak in the weather is almost over. From the north, however, a cold atmospheric front from Denmark and Sweden entered the country, displacing the heat from Poland.

We stand out from Western Europe

According to the global meteorological model Global Forecast System (GFS), already on Thursday, July 14, the temperature during the day will increase slightly less, and the warmest will be in Podkarpacie. The bay of coolness will spread over central Europe for good in the coming days. The projected temperature is only 18-24 degrees C. This is a gigantic difference compared to Western Europe, where in Paris the temperature rises to 35 degrees C, and in Berlin to 30 degrees C.

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The vast low-pressure vortex of air above northern Scandinavia, which draws cool, polar air masses from the north, is to blame for everything. At the seaside, with the wind blowing from the Baltic Sea, the perceived temperature will be really low – at noon the thermometers will show only 13-16 degrees. Similar temperatures are expected in Warmia, Masuria and Podlasie. It will be even cooler high in the mountains. On Śnieżka on the weekend of July 16-17, only 2 degrees C are expected.

Check the details of the five-day forecast.

A bay of cold from Scandinavia according to the GFS model on Saturday 16.07wetter3.de

We have many warm days ahead of us

The situation will change just a few days later, around Wednesday 20 July. In the light of today’s forecasting materials, it is around this day that the heat wave will reach Poland, which is currently spreading over southern and western Europe.

– Lazy, low gradient summer lows will cover most of the continent, will extend from North Africa to the fjords of Norway and the White Sea – the synoptic notes.

This contrast is easiest to see when looking at the forecasts for the top parts of the mountains. On July 20, the temperature on Śnieżka is expected to rise to around 22 degrees C – 20 degrees more than just a few days ago.

According to the GFS model, a hot cap will form over Poland, which may last even until the end of the month. In the culminating moment, we can see 35-38 degrees C on the thermometers, but such high values ​​are supposed to persist for only a few days. Even when the heat declines, warm days with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius await us.

Hot wedge according to the GFS model on Wednesday 20.07wetter3.de

August can be warm and dry

As Unton-Pyziołek points out, the warm aura may last even longer over Poland. According to forecasts by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), high temperatures are also expected in August. The forecast average temperature is to be 1-2 degrees higher than usual, and rainfall is below normal.

– It is possible that the heat wave after July 20 will start a warm and dry summer – the synoptic says.

Temperature map according to the GFS model on Wednesday 20.07wetter3.de

Main photo source: wetter3.de/Shutterstock

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