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Heat record in Poland for January. On New Year’s Day it was even warmer than Warsaw. New IMGW data

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IMGW forecasters have provided new data on the temperature recorded on January 1, 2023. It turns out that the temperature record for this month was not broken in Warsaw – it was an even warmer place than the capital of the country. According to the release, there were regions where the beginning of the year brought temperatures typical of a thermal summer.

The new temperature record for January, however, was not broken in in Warsaw. According to experts from the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, detailed analyzes of the readings showed that it was not in the capital that the thermometers showed the highest value.

A new, infamous record

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the weather in Poland was shaped by low baric systems from the Atlantic. Their mutual location meant that warm, tropical air masses began to reach our country. Not only in Poland it got “hot” for this time of year. Writes IMGWrecords were also broken in the Baltic countries, in the Czech Republic, Denmark and Belarus.

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In Poland, the new temperature record for January is exactly 19 degrees Celsius. This value was recorded in Jodłownik (Małopolskie Voivodeship). The previous record from 1999 was exceeded by 0.4 degrees Celsius.

It was also exceptionally warm in Warsaw. The synoptic station located in Okęcie showed a temperature of 18.9 degrees Celsius. In the case of the capital, it is 5.1 degrees Celsius more than the previous record from 1993.

Maximum temperature on 01/01/23IMGW-PIB CMM

Like in the summer

Synoptics reported that on the first day of 2023 in Słubice, Warsaw and Wrocław the average daily temperature was greater than or equal to 15 degrees Celsius. This value is typical for thermal summer. “The daily air temperature anomaly was 13.5 degrees C on average, and the maximum in Warsaw and Jelenia Góra was as much as 16.3 degrees C” – the Institute reported.

Air temperature anomaly on January 1, 2023IMGW-PIB CMM

Forecasters emphasize that data from 32 years clearly indicate that the first three days of the year were the warmest in 2022. However, there were also frosty beginnings of the year – for example, 26 years ago the average temperature for this period was only -12.9 degrees Celsius. The last time such a cold episode appeared seven years ago, and the temperature reached -10 degrees Celsius.

“In Poland, the winter season (December-February) is characterized by a significant variability of thermal conditions, which means that from year to year in our country there may be both extremely cold months (with an average temperature even below -10.0 degrees Celsius, such as in January 1963 and 1987, or in February 1956) and very warm (with the national average above 3.0-4.0 degrees Celsius, e.g. December 2015, January 2007 or February 1990 and 2020. Nevertheless, data from the last 70 years confirm that the winter season in Poland is getting warmer – the average temperature increase is estimated at about 2.5 degrees C (0.36 degrees every 10 years )” – reported the forecasters.

Average daily temperature on 01/01/23 IMGW-PIB CMM

warm winterAdam Ziemienowicz/PAP

Main photo source: PAP/Jakub Kaczmarczyk/IMGW-PIB CMM

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