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Heat records in Poland. Warsaw. IMGW: January record broken. Record warm New Year’s Eve 2022/2023. Weather on New Year’s Eve and New Year 2023

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2023 begins in Poland with weather records. On Sunday, a heat record in January was broken in Warsaw. 18.9 degrees Celsius was measured at Okęcie, IMGW reported before 1 p.m. The thermometer in Głuchołazy (Opolskie Voivodeship) showed two tenths less. The record warm December 31 and New Year’s Eve are also behind us. It was almost 17 degrees in Słubice at midnight.

We said goodbye to the old year exceptionally warmly, and so does the new year 2023. Warm air of tropical origin flows to Poland from northern Africa and south-western Europe. More records are falling.

Heat record in January in Poland

As the Institute informed before 1 p.m., the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, w in Warsaw at the Okęcie station at At 11.30 the temperature was measured at 18.9 degrees Celsius. This is a new record for the maximum temperature for Poland in January and a new record for the maximum temperature in the winter in the capital.

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“The temperature is still rising slightly, it’s still a long way to the end of the day,” emphasized IMGW on Twitter.

The previous heat record in January was 18.6 degrees C. It fell on January 6, 1999 in Pszenno (Lower Silesian Voivodeship).

In turn, the warmest first day of the year so far was the one from 2007, when 15.9 degrees Celsius was recorded in Grabik (Lower Silesian Voivodeship), and in Legnica the maximum temperature was 12.6 degrees Celsius.

Warm January 1 in WarsawPAP/Radek Petruszka

Warm January 1 in WarsawPAP/Pawel Supernak

Warm January 1 in WarsawPAP/Pawel Supernak

However, the day has not yet begun, and the January heat record has already been broken. At. On October 4, the telemetric station in Głuchołazy (Opolskie Voivodeship) recorded 18.7 degrees Celsius, IMGW reported in the morning.

“This is of course an anomaly”

As pointed out by Tomasz Siemieniuk from the IMGW Forecasting Office in Bialystok, the recorded values ​​”certainly are not associated with the winter period”. He added that this was the effect of “the influx of very warm air masses from north-west Africa.”

– This is of course an anomaly, especially since we have the end of December and the beginning of January, when we associate this time with snow cover, with negative values ​​– he said in an interview with TVN24. “It’s more like late spring or early fall, I think,” he said.

Siemieniuk pointed out that such a high temperature at this time of year is “very dangerous” for plants that are in the dormant phase. – We must slowly get used to the fact that this period of winter weather, unfortunately, may remind us more of spring and autumn weather – he added.

“This is of course an anomaly”TVN24

“Such an average has the right to be in May or September”

The record for January is one of several records in this New Year’s Eve and New Year’s period. According to IMWM, the average daily temperature in Poland reached 14 degrees C over the last 24 hours, which means a positive anomaly of 14 degrees. A thermal or temperature anomaly is a term used to describe a temperature deviation from the average for a given period and/or area.

“Such a thermal average has the right to be in May or September” – was written in a post on social media.

New Year’s Eve record broken by more than three degrees

December 31 last year was recorded as the warmest New Year’s Eve in our country in the history of measurements. In Słubice, the temperature at the hottest time of the day was 18.1 degrees Celsius. The record was broken before noon, when 16 degrees Celsius was measured.

So far, the warmest New Year’s Eve in Poland was December 31, 2021. At that time, 14.6 degrees Celsius was recorded in Legnica in Lower Silesia. The record was thus beaten by more than three degrees Celsius.

It was close to the December record. It’s 19.5 degrees C measured in Tarnów from 1989

In most of the country, thermometers on the last day of last year showed several degrees above zero.

IMGW: summer temperature, almost 17 degrees at midnight

On New Year’s Eve at 9 p.m. in Słubice, the synoptic station measured a value of 16.8 degrees Celsius. It was also unusually warm in other regions of Poland.

“Winter evening, and summer temperatures” – commented IMGW.

At midnight, at the time of welcoming the new year, the temperature in Słubice reached as much as 16.5 degrees Celsius. Throughout the night it did not fall below 15 degrees. Four hours later, even more was measured there, as much as 16.9 degrees Celsius.

The minimum value recorded in the “hottest city” of Poland last night was 15.9 degrees Celsius. The lowest could be seen on thermometers in Krakowwhere 2.5 degrees Celsius was recorded.

Cold first half, record warm last days

December last year was considered a month thermally normal – informed IMGW.

“Although it was cold for the first two decades, (…) the last decade of December was record warm” – we read.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Petruszka

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