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Heat. What cannot be kept in the car

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Keeping medicines, cosmetics, not to mention food in the car during high temperatures outside can be a terrible idea. Material of the “Raport” program on TVN Turbo.

A ham roll can be a very nutritious dish for a driver, but with higher temperatures, often exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, it is better to eat it quickly. Lying in a closed car without air conditioning, such a snack can be subjected to even 60 degrees Celsius after an hour.

– In such heat, it’s only thermal bags or fridges, but I won’t be carrying a fridge with me in the car around the city – says the driver, Mr. Andrzej, in an interview with TVN Turbo.

Water and frozen foods

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While chocolate left in the car in the heat will at most turn into chocolate butter, meat or frozen food can become a very dangerous product. The latter, partially thawed, must never be re-frozen. Dangerous and toxic microorganisms may develop in it, and consumption may result in poisoning, e.g. with staphylococcus.

The same is true with partially drunk mineral water, especially when exposed to hot sunlight.

– There may be contamination with potentially pathogenic microbes that we may have on our lips or someone else who drinks from such a bottle. There is a danger that they will multiply there – explains Dr. Jacek Postupolski from the National Institute of Public Health.

Pathogenic microorganisms develop best at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius, which is not difficult in cars at higher temperatures.

Medicines and cosmetics in the car

In the glove box, or worse in the central tunnel of the car, we also carry various types of medicines and medical preparations. And this for a headache, and this for a sore throat, or for a runny nose. Subjected to high temperatures, they can not only work less well, but also be dangerous to our health.

– They can be poisonous. In extreme cases, too long exposure to sunlight can lead not only to damage to the medicinal properties of the drug, but also to the fact that the drug can harm us – explains Edyta Janczewska-Zreda, spokesperson of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector.

Above 21 degrees Celsius, it is also not recommended to carry cosmetics in the car. They lose their properties faster, deteriorate and oxidize.

– We throw something into the car, we carry such typical things that are useful to us on longer or shorter journeys. And I honestly say that I didn’t think about the fact that high temperature over a longer period of time, as now we have over a week and it will last, that it can somehow affect it – admits Mr. Łukasz.

Most medicinal products should not be stored above 25 degrees Celsius. Although the lack of such specifics is often a burning problem for the driver, but in the heat of the car it is better that it is not a hot commodity.

Author:Michał Murawiński, “The Report”

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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