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Heating – prices. Climate Minister Anna Moscow on limiting heat price increases for citizens

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Soon we will present additional regulations that will protect heat consumers more strongly. We will provide compensation and limit increases for citizens, announced Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow. Support is also to be provided to the so-called vulnerable recipients, i.e. schools, hospitals and nurseries.

The head of the Ministry of Culture and Environmental Protection emphasized that “through abrupt changes in the prices of energy raw materials, the heating industry is facing the problem of high gas prices”. “That is why we will soon introduce additional regulations to protect heat consumers even more” – the Minister of Climate and Environment said in a Friday post on Twitter Anna Moscow. She also wrote about ensuring compensation and capping increases for citizens.

The spokesman for the ministry, Aleksander Brzózka, when asked to whom the aid will go, indicated, among others, on residents of blocks of flats – recipients of system heat, as well as on the so-called sensitive recipients, i.e. schools, hospitals or nurseries.

The price of heat – increases

On Thursday, a source close to the government informed PAP that in the coming days the government is to adopt solutions that will counteract abrupt, even several hundred percent, increases in heat prices.

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Last year, due to the energy crisis and rising prices of energy carriers, i.a. gas and coal, the parliament passed a bill to limit the increase in heating prices for consumers.

According to it, in this heating season, i.e. from October 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023, a heat sales mechanism with compensation for producers was introduced.

Justifying the statutory limitation of price increases for heating, the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow explained that – after the introduction of the so-called heat with compensation – the maximum increase for heating and hot water for individual recipients of system heat should not be more than 40 percent.

Higher heat prices

Despite the entry into force of these regulations, in many places the increases were higher and significantly exceeded the announced 40 percent.

This results, among others, from from the initial rate for heat that residents have been paying so far. If it was much lower than national averageand the situation on the market forced the producer to raise the price, despite the application of the price mechanism with compensation, the percentage increase in the price of heat could exceed 40%.

The act that introduced heat prices with compensation included price ceilings that cannot be exceeded in settlements with consumers – PLN 150.95/GJ net for heat generated from gas sources, i.e. gas-fired heating plants, and PLN 103.82/GJ net for heat produced in other sources, i.e. in coal-fired heating plants.

The source informed PAP that one of the solutions to be proposed is a partial return to the old tariff, i.e. the one in force before October 1, 2022. – If the new heat tariff in force after September 30, 2022 would introduce increases higher than 40 percent, the corrected tariff will be applied price – “old tariff”, which was in force until the end of September last year, increased by a maximum of 40 percent. However, the heat generation price cannot be higher than the ceilings already in force, i.e. PLN 150 and PLN 103, it said.

On Thursday, PKN Orlen announced that PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny (belonging to the Orlen Group) is introducing a new solution that in 2023 will guarantee heat producers with gas at a maximum price of PLN 400 per MWh for the ordered volume and will reduce heating bills for end users. In order to take advantage of this offer, it will be necessary to sign an appropriate agreement between the heating plant and the concern.

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