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Heatwave in Croatia. “I feel like millions of ants are crawling all over me”

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Croatia has been hit by a heatwave. The temperature rose to 33 degrees Celsius on Monday, and it is expected to be even hotter in the following days. On Thursday, thermometers can show up to 35 degrees.

On Monday, the temperature in Croatia reached 33 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists say the temperature could rise to 35 degrees on Thursday. The country has been hit by a heatwave.

Heat warnings

Due to the heat, the local National Hydrometeorological Institute issued a high temperature warning on Monday.

Some people complain about the stuffiness, others are happy that summer has finally come.

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“When I walk, I try to find shade because when I step out into the sun, it feels like three million ants are crawling all over me,” said one tourist. “I have wet wipes in my purse and I put something around my neck if I need it,” he added.

Doctors, like every year at this time when such weather arrives, warn the elderly and people with chronic diseases to seek shade, stay at home during the hottest moments of the day, and drink plenty of water. They also remind everyone, regardless of age, to use sunscreen.

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