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Heatwaves in Italy. Meteorologists predict even 48 degrees Celsius

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In 15 Italian cities, the third highest level of heat alert, introduced by the local health ministry, will apply on Saturday. The heat wave is set to intensify over the weekend. The temperature in the central part of the country next week is expected to reach as high as 43 degrees Celsius, and in Sardinia and Sicily it could soar to 48 degrees.

For several days, in some parts of Italy, the temperature in the warmest moments of the day has been approaching 40 degrees Celsius, and locally it exceeds this value. On Friday, red weather alerts apply to 10 cities: Rome, Florence and Bologna, where hundreds of thousands of tourists are staying, as well as Perugia, Campobasso, Frosinone, Latina, Pescara, Rieti and Viterbo. On Saturday, they will be joined by Cagliari in Sardinia, which is very hot these days, Messina and Catania in Sicily, Bari and Civitavecchia.

The Ministry of Health warns that in all these cities, due to the high temperature, there is a threat to the health of the entire population, not only for the elderly, the sick and children.

Heat in RomeReuters

The high that brings such heat was named Cerberus by the Italian meteorological service, after the three-headed dog in Dante’s Inferno and Greek mythology. According to the meteorologist Antonio Sano, on Sunday in Tuscany, the capital region of Lazio, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia, the temperature will reach 40-41 degrees Celsius.

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Heatwaves in ItalyPAP/EPA/TINO ROMANO

48 degrees possible in Sardinia and Sicily

The weekend will be 12 degrees warmer than the average for this period, meteorologists predict, announcing the arrival of the next subtropical anticyclone.

Next week, a new anticyclone is expected to come in full force over Italy. According to forecasts in Florence and Lazio, thermometers will show from 41 to 43 degrees C, 45 degrees C in Puglia and up to 48 degrees C in Sardinia and Sicily.

Italian meteorologists predict that heat records may be broken in some cities. The record for the highest temperature in European history was set on August 11, 2021, when 48.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Floridia, an Italian town in Sicily.

A massive heatwave is sweeping across much of southern Europe. In Athens, the temperature on Friday exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. The local culture ministry closed the Acropolis for several hours.

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