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Heatwaves in Poland. Weekend nightmare. How hot will it be? 36 degrees

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The heat is coming over Poland. As the forecaster of tvnmeteo.pl Damian Zdonek reported, thermometers will show up to 36 degrees Celsius, and apart from hot days, we will also have tropical nights. IMGW also warns against the heat.

Orange heat alerts over the weekend are to apply in almost all of Poland. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management reported that on Saturday and Sunday the indications of thermometers in many regions will soar above 30 degrees Celsius.

Heat in Poland. Weekend tropical nights

As the weather forecaster at tvnmeteo.pl Damian Zdonek explained, dry, tropical air from the Atlantic will flow over Poland. It will reach our country through the Iberian Peninsula, France and Germany.

It is supposed to be hot all over the country – in the west, thermometers will show 35/36 degrees Celsius at the hottest moment of the day, with the felt temperature being about 2-4 degrees higher due to the weak wind.

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How to survive the heat?PAP/DPA/Ziemienowicz Adam, Maciej Zieliński, Maria Samczuk

The heat will not leave us even after sunset. On the night from Saturday to Sunday in the western half of the country, the minimum temperature will oscillate around 20-21 degrees Celsius, and on the night from Sunday to Monday we will see the same on thermometers in the south-east and partly in the center of the country. This means that weekend nights at least in part of Poland will be tropical.

As he warned IMGWin some regions heat warnings are to be maintained also at the beginning of next week.

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