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Heatwaves in Spain. Typical July temperature. Crowds on the beaches

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Residents and tourists flocked to Spain’s Mediterranean beaches on Saturday. Hot air blew in. In some places the temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.

As Central Europe is hit by successive waves of cold air, the Iberian Peninsula has experienced unusual heat for this time of year. Temperatures in some areas were up to 15 degrees warmer than usual on Saturday.

Typical July temperature

The warmest, if not the hottest place, was the city of Elche in the province of Alicante. It recorded a shadow temperature of 31.8 degrees Celsius there, the national meteorological agency AEMET reported.

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One of the exceptionally warm places was also Almassora in the province of Castellón in Valencia, where the temperature reached 30.7 degrees C. As highlighted on social media, the province had “typical July” temperatures on Saturday. The previous heat record there was 30.8 degrees Celsius.

Over 30 degrees Celsius was also recorded in at least a few other towns on the east and south coasts, it was reported on social media.

Spanish beaches were very popular on Saturday.

“It’s nice to be where it’s sunny and warm,” Slovak tourist Jozer Kotleba told Reuters.

“We had to scrape the ice off the wings of the plane to get here. We got here late – pointed out Della Jeavons, a tourist from Great Britain, which has been attacked by winter in recent days. Due to heavy snowfall on the night from Thursday to Friday, drivers in northern England were stuck on the motorway for hours in long traffic jams. Disruptions have also occurred on railways and airports for several days.

Spanish beaches were crowded on SaturdayReuters

Spanish beaches were crowded on SaturdayReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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