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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Heiko Maas: Germany talks with the US and Turkey about continuing the evacuation from Kabul after August 31

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G7 leaders must coordinate evacuation efforts from Kabul airport, said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. – We are talking with the United States, Turkey and other partners that the evacuation can continue after August 31 – he added.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the G7 summit to be held on Tuesday. In addition to the UK, the G7 also includes the United States, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Canada.

The leaders of these countries will discuss, inter alia, about how to facilitate access for evacuees to the Kabul airport, Maas told journalists in Berlin. He added that for some time Germany has been considering maintaining the airport’s operation also after August 31. Then, according to the plan, American troops should finally withdraw from Afghanistan.

“We will also have to talk to the Taliban, because they will play a special role in the operation of the airport after the departure of US troops,” he said, quoted by the Reuters agency.


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Maas stressed that the situation at and around the airport had become even more chaotic and dangerous in recent hours. He recommended evacuees not to try to reach the airport on their own. He added that German soldiers are analyzing all options for the evacuation of their own and Afghan citizens fleeing the Taliban.

Biden: We will convene a G7 Summit on AfghanistanReuters

Germany is in talks

The minister informed that Germany is also conducting talks with Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India and Tajikistan so that the Afghans, whom it agreed to support Berlin, could go by land to the German embassies in these countries and submit their visa applications there.

Since August 15, the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, evacuation of citizens of these countries and Afghans fleeing the Taliban is being evacuated from the airport in Kabul controlled by US and other Western troops.

US President Joe Biden had previously announced that US troops would withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31. Due to the evacuation, the Biden administration does not, however, rule out an extension of this deadline. The Taliban have warned that such a move would have “consequences” on their part.

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The UK government has announced that it will persuade the US to continue its military presence at the airport after August 31.

Western countries fear that without US troops, which constitute the backbone of the forces securing the Kabul airport, they will not be able to maintain control of the airport, writes the BBC.

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