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Helium. They noticed a little boy, he was alone and crying a lot

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A little boy was walking along one of the streets of Hel. He cried a lot and looked around as if he was looking for someone. The police noticed him. The little boy turned out to be three years old and lost. Thanks to help, he quickly returned to his mother.

The event took place in Hel. Lubuskie policemen are also on duty there now, but they had the day off. When junior midshipman Marcin Niemyt, staff sergeant Paweł Kogut and senior sergeant Łukasz Wierzbicki were walking along the streets of Hel, on one of them they encountered a lonely boy, about three years old. He cried a lot and looked around.

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Police officers from Lubuskie, junior aspirant Marcin Niemyt, staff sergeant Paweł Kogut and senior sergeant Łukasz Wierzbicki helped the three-year-oldLubusz police

He lost contact with his mother

– That got their attention. They approached him and after a while they knew that he had gone too far from his mother and had lost contact with her. They notified the duty officer of the police in Puck and the city guard – informs sub-inspector Marcin Maludy, press officer of the provincial police commander in Gorzów Wielkopolski. “They were not going to waste any time and immediately began searching for the boy’s mother.

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One of the officers stayed and waited with the three-year-old, the other went to look for a guardian. After three hundred meters, he noticed a jittery and stressed woman looking around. It was the mother of the boy who was in her arms after a few minutes.

– This situation shows that the police are there 24 hours a day. That the slogan “We help and protect” and the words of the oath troop are reflected in the daily activities of officers – adds sub-inspector Marcin Maludy.

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Main photo source: Lubusz police

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