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Helmet. The angler noticed the body in the water, the day before the family reported the 41-year-old missing

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The police, under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, are explaining the circumstances of the death of a 41-year-old man whose body was fished out on Thursday from Lake Glinianki in Chełm (Lubelskie Voivodeship). The day before, the family had reported the man missing. By decision of the prosecutor, the body of the deceased was secured for examination. The services are appealing for common sense and safety on the water.

Commissioner Ewa Czyż, the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Chełm, told us that on Thursday (June 8) after 6 pm, an angler noticed a corpse floating on the water of Lake Glinianki in Chełm.

He notified the services, policemen, prosecutors, medical services and firefighters arrived at the scene and pulled the corpses out of the water. According to the officers, the deceased turned out to be a 41-year-old resident of Chełm, whose family had reported him missing the day before, on Wednesday, June 7. – On Friday, the body was shown to the family, who confirmed the identity of the deceased – the policewoman told us.

The cause of death is clarified by experts

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The prosecutor decided to secure the corpse for autopsy. Experts will determine the cause of death of the 41-year-old. According to the police, there is nothing to indicate that the man was the victim of a crime. – It was most likely an unfortunate accident – ​​Commissioner Czyż says in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The circumstances of the incident are being investigated by the police under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office.

The tragic balance of a long weekend, an appeal for sanity by the water

According to the Government Center for Security, only on June 8, six cases of deaths as a result of drowning were recorded throughout Poland. Since April 1, the National Police Headquarters has reported a total of 70 drowning deaths.

The bathing season has not started yet, which means that there are no lifeguards on the beaches, which means that there are no qualified people on site to help if necessary.

In such cases, witnesses of the event often react, but – as the services recommend – it must be done “with the head” and discernment of one’s own strength, so that it is not necessary to save also those people who tried to help the drowning. This was the case, e.g. in Stegna, where a group of people went to help two women. According to a spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, rescuers had to pull five people out of the water.

The services are appealing for common sense and safety on the water.

Wladyslawowo. One step away from the tragedy, the services call for reason on the waterTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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