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Helmet. There was a problem with garbage left by the container. The city guards installed a camera trap

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Sacks lying around, and even loose bottles or cartons. Such a view near one of the garbage containers in Chełm (Lubelskie Voivodeship) is a thing of the past. The municipal police, wanting to stop littering, installed a camera trap in this area. It worked so well that no one ever dumped waste here again. The guards announce the use of this method also in other parts of the city.

– This device worked primarily preventively. It has disciplined some people to maintain cleanliness and order – says Mariusz Gałęziowski, commander of the Municipal Guard in Chełm.

It is an area near one of the blocks at ul. st. Mikołaja in Chełm, where there was a problem with the notorious throwing of garbage into the container standing there – by people who are not authorized to leave their waste there. In addition, bags – and even loose bottles or cartons – ended up outside the container.

Nobody throws garbage anymoreChełm Municipal Police

Commandant: We have not recorded a single case of littering

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The city police, wanting to stop this practice, installed a camera trap.

“There is also a sign next to it that the area is being monitored. The problem has ceased to exist. Over the two weeks since the camera trap has been installed – and it constantly reacts to movement and sends us photos – we have not recorded a single case of littering – the commander points out.

There will be permanent monitoring

As the idea worked, Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Mieszkaniowych – a company that manages nearby real estate – decided to install a permanent monitoring camera in this area.

This is what the place looked like before the camera trap was installed Chełm Municipal Police

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– In the near future, we will remove our camera trap and install it in another part of the city, where there is also littering. We have six such devices at our disposal. We use them as needed. It’s not like they all work all the time – explains Mariusz Gałęziowski.

The device will be taken to another point in the city Chełm Municipal Police

City guards remind on their Facebook profile that according to the Code of Offenses, littering public places is punishable by a fine of not less than PLN 500.

Main photo source: Chełm Municipal Police

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