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Helmet. There will be no road renovation. The officials were at fault. The mayor of the city apologizes to the residents

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Lotnicza, Reytan, Żeromski. These streets in Chełm (Lublin Voivodeship) were supposed to be renovated soon, but they will not be. The city lost over PLN 3.5 million in funding. All because one of the city officials who dealt with the matter did not read the letter from the voivodeship office and put it in a binder. The city mayor apologizes to the residents and announces that he will take consequences.

“From a human perspective, I am ashamed, I am… (vulgarism) and powerless. We are fighting for every subsidy, but here? We will not implement the investment because we have not sent a standard response prepared by the relevant Department,” Jakub Banaszek wrote on his Facebook profile on August 31, president of Chełm, admitting that he was helpless in the face of what happened.

Well, as he said, a month ago the city received over PLN 3.5 million in funding for the renovation of the street. Lotnicza, Reytan and Żeromski.

There will be no planned road renovation (illustrative photo)Adobe Stock

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You had to send “a few sheets of paper”

“I was very happy about it, this area of ​​Chełm has not been renovated for years. Unfortunately, we will not be able to complete this investment,” he said.

He added that all the documents were ready, all that remained was to send “a few signed pieces of paper” to the voivodeship office.

“Unfortunately, the Department of Architecture, Geodesy and Investment did not do this,” he emphasized.

They called from the provincial office and asked why the city didn’t want the money

He also admitted that he found out about the case after the deadline for submitting documents had passed, when an employee of the voivodeship office called him and asked why the city had withdrawn the funding.

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“I asked the director of DAGI (Department of Architecture, Geodesy and Investments – editor’s note) about it, and when I asked whether we had sent the documents, I heard the answer – yes. I asked when? Yesterday. And when was the deadline? As if nothing had happened – by the day before yesterday,” the president wrote on Facebook.

He didn’t read it, put it in a binder

It turned out that a month ago the municipality received a letter, and the official who dealt with this topic (and whose work should be supervised by the director of the department – editor’s note) did not read it and put it in a binder.

“The employee admitted to the management that he did not read the letter, but put it in a binder. He admitted that he read the letter only yesterday,” we read in the presidential post.

There will be consequences

Banaszek informs that disciplinary proceedings have also begun against these two people and announces that other legal steps may also be taken.

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“I realize that I am responsible for everything and in the end I am responsible. I know that I should also be responsible. I will certainly not shirk from it,” he said.

He declared that he would do everything to obtain funding and renovate the streets, as well as repair the image of the office.

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