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Helmut Oberlander is dead. The German war criminal died in Canada at the age of 97

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Helmut Oberlander, a German war criminal, is dead. He died in Canada at the age of 97. He has fought the Canadian government in the past to remove his citizenship. During World War II, he belonged to the Einsatzkommando group, which murdered mainly Jewish people in southern Ukraine and the Crimea. In connection with his death, the Center for Israeli and Jewish Affairs issued a statement saying that “he should be deported several decades ago to face justice in Germany.” “This parody of justice should never be repeated in Canada,” he added.

In Canada, the German war criminal Helmut Oberlander died at the age of 97. The news of his death at home in Waterloo, Ontario, was confirmed by the family who issued a statement to local media.

During World War II, Oberlander was a member of the Einsatzkommando (EK) operational group, the Nazi security police murdering civilians in southern Ukraine. It is estimated that his group could murder about 23,000 people, mainly Jews, in the southern part of Ukraine and Crimea during the war.


Helmut Oberlander had Canadian citizenship. They were taken from him several times

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Oberlander, born in 1924 in Ukraine, whose parents were of German descent, fled to Canada after the war. There he concealed his Nazi past. In 1960, he obtained the citizenship of that country.

A federal court said the Oberlander, when applying to enter Canada in 1952, “significantly distorted his activities during the war with Canadian immigration officials.” The criminal has always maintained that he was forcibly recruited into the Einsatzkommando at the age of 17 because he spoke German and Russian and was only a translator.

In Canada, in 2001, 2007 and 2012, there were trials to withdraw his citizenship. They were taken from him several times and then restored. There were also attempts to deport him, to no avail. In December 2019, Canada’s highest court refused to consider a decision to withdraw his citizenship for links to a Nazi death squad during World War II.

Center for Israeli and Jewish Affairs: This travesty of justice should never be repeated in Canada

– It’s a sad day. Not because he died, but because Canada has allowed people like the Oberlander to come here, live in peace and never face justice, said writer, social activist and former director of the Canadian Jewish Congress Bernie Farber, who for decades in congress attempted to convict the Oberlander of war crimes.

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA – ed.) Has published a statement signed by the center’s director Shimon Koffler Fogel.

“The death of the Oberlander concludes the final chapter of his obscene abuse of the Canadian judiciary. Former member of the Nazi mobile assassin squad, Oberlander, manipulated Canada’s legal system to avoid accountability. He should have been deported decades ago to face justice in Germany,” it wrote.

The statement also called for “a careful review of the immigration and refugee system for war crimes suspects so that those who have committed the most atrocious crimes cannot escape sentence.”

“This parody of justice should never be repeated in Canada,” he added. The statement was also made available on CIJA’s Twitter profile.

Main photo source: Twitter / @ CIJAinfo

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