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Henry Kissinger: The concept of a neutral Ukraine no longer makes sense; country should be in NATO

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Henry Kissinger, a former American diplomat, secretary of state and adviser to the president, told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that before the war in Ukraine, he was against the country’s membership in NATO, because he was afraid that it would trigger the process we are seeing now. However, he said the concept of a neutral Ukraine “no longer makes sense.” He added that after the peace talks, NATO should give Kyiv membership guarantees.

Henry Kissinger in his remote speech referred to the situation in Ukraine.

He said before war in Ukraine he was opposed to that country’s membership in NATO because he feared it would trigger the process we are now seeing. However, he said the concept of a neutral Ukraine “no longer makes sense.” He added that after peace talks FOR THIS should give Kyiv membership guarantees.

However, Kissinger stated that dialogue with Russia should continue to stop the escalation of the war, and sanctions and other means of pressure on the Kremlin should be maintained until a final settlement is reached.

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“Perhaps this will cause Russia to redefine its historical position”

According to the former diplomat, the West has achieved many strategic points: it has shown Putin that it can unite through aggression, and that Russia will not achieve its goals by conventional means. “The destruction of Russia as a state that can conduct its own policy will open up a huge area of ​​its 11 time zones to internal conflict and external intervention, while there are at least 15,000 nuclear weapons on its territory,” the former diplomat said.

Kissinger also added that United States they should support Ukraine militarily and, if necessary, intensify this support until a ceasefire is reached. According to him, however, it is important not to escalate the conflict between Russia and the West. “Perhaps this will cause Russia to redefine its historic position, which was a mix of attraction to European culture and fear of European dominance,” said the former US secretary of state.

Kissinger also expressed his admiration for the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people.

Henry Kissinger spoke remotely at the Davos Economic ForumPAP/EPA/GIAN EHRENZELLER

Kissinger calls for negotiations

Kissinger had previously urged the parties to the conflict to negotiate. In December 2022, the diplomat assessed that the time for peace negotiations in Ukraine was approaching in order to reduce the risk of another war.

“The time is coming to build on the strategic changes already achieved and incorporate them into a new framework to achieve peace through negotiation,” the 99-year-old American wrote in the Spectator at the time. The Ukrainian side criticized Kissinger’s words, calling them an attempt to “appease the aggressor.”

In the 1960s and 1970s, Henry Kissinger held the positions of National Security Advisor to the US President and Secretary of State. He was one of the architects of the rapprochement between Washington and Beijing during the presidency of Richard Nixon. He will be 100 years old in May.


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