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Herbapol Poznań implements a four-day work week. Polish pharmaceutical company in details

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Herbapol Poznań is preparing to introduce a four-day working week. “The reduced number of hours does not affect the size of the full-time position (it is still full-time), the level of remuneration, or the planned changes in the scope of salary increases,” the pharmaceutical company assured in a response sent to the business editorial office of tvn24.pl. The changes are to be effective from 2025, but the company is already shortening weekly working hours this year.

Herbapol Poznań is a 100% company. with Polish capital, deals mainly with pharmaceutical production. A recent post on the company’s Facebook profile announced the implementation of a four-day work week in 2025. Thus – as explained – employees will gain an additional paid day off per week.

“The last two years have seen a number of strategic decisions that we have started implementing in the field of automation and the implementation of new technologies. These activities mean that we can achieve better results with less time and personnel expenditure,” the pharmaceutical company explained in a response sent to tvn24.pl.

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“The financial situation of our company is stable and improving every year. Taking all the arguments into account, we decided to share this success with our employees,” the company added.

Herbapol Poznań implements a four-day work week

As announced, the 32-hour working time implementation project will cover all Herbapol Poznań employees. “The reduced number of hours does not affect the size of the full-time position (it is still full-time), the level of remuneration or the planned changes in wage increases,” it was declared.

The company believes that employees “who are associated with the company and appreciate the opportunity for a better private life are more involved in its smooth functioning.”

At the same time, it was admitted that “like any change, even a positive one, it causes concerns among employees.” “On the one hand, work-life-balance, on the other hand, responsibility for the company, for implementing the business strategy that we have adopted for 2023-2026. However, the goal is ambitious, but also incredibly inspiring. Currently, we can say that each person who is working on this project and is involved in the change process,” we read in the response sent to us.

Herbapol Poznań representatives declare that they are doing everything to ensure that by the end of the third quarter of this year be 100 percent ready for a 32-hour work week.

Free Fridays, which are gradually being introduced from this year, are intended to help with this. In the first quarter of this year it is one Friday a month, from the second quarter the number of free Fridays is to increase to two a month, and in the third quarter – to three a month. As announced, from the fourth quarter of this year. every Friday will be a day off.

“A total of 30 free Fridays are planned in 2024,” Herbapol Poznań informed us.

Let us recall that during the last election campaign The New Left proposed a 35-hour working week. Earlier, the leader of the Civic Platform and the current Prime Minister also talked about piloting a four-day working week Donald Tusk. Ultimately, however, no changes in this area came into force.

Experiment with 20 percent a reduction in working hours for all employees recently took place in the UK. A total of 61 companies and organizations took part in the pilot program. Similar projects also took place, among others: In Belgium and Australia. In addition Spain wants to shorten the working weekat least this is what Yolanda Diaz, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, says.

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