Hidden culinary gems: An island city tops the list


Tokyo, Paris, New York – these are cities known for good food. For lovers of exquisite gastronomy and those who prefer less obvious places, an alternative list has been created. In this ranking, the capital of Malta – Valletta – leads the way.

The language platform Italki attempted to select unconventional, culinary gems. The study took into account, among other things, the number of restaurants, including those with Michelin stars, the variety of menus, the number of monuments and the average summer temperature in these cities.

Valletta, a hidden culinary gem

Taking all these criteria into account – the alternative culinary capital of Europe is Valletta. The capital Malta offers a wonderful combination of local cuisine with a distinct Mediterranean influence, and is also home to 30 Michelin-starred restaurants. This, among other things, earned it a strong first position in the ranking.

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Just behind the capital of Malta is the town of Sintra, located near Lisbon. It is famous for its fresh seafood and delicious handmade desserts. The uniqueness of this place is also determined by the 19th-century Romantic architecture, numerous castles and villas integrated into the green hills.

The town of Opatija on the Croatian peninsula of Istria also made it to the podium. The past of the Habsburg resort is reflected in elegant restaurants that offer refined cuisine with a Central European touch.

The top five of the list is completed by the Dutch city of Delft, located between The Hague and Rotterdam, and the gem Montenegro -Kotor.

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