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High five for animals in the Senate. PSL sets a condition and threatens to leave the majority

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There are talks in the Senate regarding amendments to the amendment to the Animal Protection Act. Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL) stated that if the Civic Platform senators did not vote for the PSL’s amendments, including the removal of the ritual slaughter restriction, party senators may leave the Senate majority.


On September 18, the Seym passed an amendment to the law on animal protection, which, among other things, prohibits breeding animals for fur and introduces restrictions on ritual slaughter. 356 deputies voted in favor of its adoption, 75 were against and 18 abstained.

Senate committees are currently dealing with the amendment to the act. On October 13, the Senate is to consider amendments proposed during the work in committees.


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“We are working”

– We are currently working on a position on the animal law of both the entire Senate and KO. We still have 14 days. We talk to all groups in the Senate, including the PSL. I hope that we will manage to find reasonable solutions that will be supported by the majority – said Marcin Bosacki, head of the Senate KO club, on Wednesday.

During the vote in the Sejm, PSL deputies were against the adoption of the amendment, and later announced that amendments to it would be proposed in the Senate.

The Party’s amendments concern the removal of the restriction on ritual slaughter introduced by the amendment; extending the vacatio legis to 10 years for the provisions affecting entrepreneurs operating in the industries covered by the amendment. PSL also proposes that representatives of animal protection organizations be allowed to enter farms, but accompanied by representatives of the veterinary inspection.

Senate majority at risk?

Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL) said on Wednesday in Polsat News that if the Civic Platform senators did not vote for PSL’s amendments to the amendment to the animal protection act, the presence of the Senate majority of the MPs could be ended.

When asked why the senators of the Civic Platform would vote against the amendments of the PSL, Zgorzelski assessed that because the politicians of the Civic Platform “fell into the trap” of the PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński, who “called them good people” in the context of supporting the amendment in the Sejm. – It was enough for them to vote for it, not remembering that before that they were “animalistic” and “second-class” – he added.

When asked whether the majority in the Senate was threatened, Zgorzelski said he did not know. – If these three of our amendments are rejected by PiS and PO parliamentarians, I will personally recommend ending the presence of senators of the Polish People’s Party, mostly senators, he said.

The majority in the Senate, which is made up of representatives of the opposition, currently has 52 senators, including 3 of the KP-PSL.

“Each coalition must serve specific goals”

The deputy president of PSL, MP of the PSL-Kukiz15 club Dariusz Klimczak, referred to Zgorzelski’s words in an interview with PAP. – I fully subscribe to the words of Marshal Zgorzelski – he announced. – Each coalition must serve specific goals. We have our experience in cooperation with the Civic Platform and we know that today we must be clear, and the interest of farmers and entrepreneurs from the agri-food industry is the most important to us – he assessed.

According to Klimczak, PSL amendments “must be supported by the senate part of the PO”.

– If there is such a vote in the club, I will be in favor of supporting the PSL’s amendments to the amendment as a basic condition for the further functioning of the Senate coalition, because in this parliament – both in the Sejm and in the Senate – we are for the people we represent, i.e. entrepreneurs and farmers. I will persuade our other deputies and senators to take such a position – emphasized the PSL politician.

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