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High fuel prices. Michał Kamiński and Adrian Zandberg comment

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The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” talked about high fuel prices and Orlen’s policy. Senator Michał Kamiński (PSL) indicated that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki “said that there is no problem with Orlen”. – There is no problem, because the prime minister does not refuel at petrol stations like ordinary Poles – commented. MP Adrian Zandberg (Party Together) said he would like “the government to use the tools it has to lower the margins of large corporations and therefore help people.”

Senator Polish People’s Party Michał Kamiński and an MP from the party Razem Adrian Zandberg were asked in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about protests at gas stations over high fuel prices and Orlen’s policy.

– I will say this, we, together with MP Magda Biejat, have been trying for a long time to extract specific information from Orlen regarding the real level of margins and profits of the company at the moment. Because Orlen is a company in Poland that has a dominant position on the wholesale market – said Zandberg. In his opinion, if you look at the data from the market, “you can see there such a disturbing phenomenon that when it comes to gasoline prices in Poland, they grew faster than in other countries. ”

Zandberg: It seems the margin could be lowered with good consequences for gasoline prices

– If you look at prices without tax, not counting this tax part, there has been some strange increase in costs on the Polish side, higher than in other countries – continued Zandberg. – We want to clear it up. On the basis of our parliamentary powers, we applied for documents. Next week, as I understand it, we will finally be welcomed by the president, who will either show us these documents or he will not show them – he said, adding that they had not obtained them yet.

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– This margin seems like it could be lowered with good consequences for gasoline prices at gas stations – said the MP from Lewica. – I hope that next week during this meeting we will finally get the details, we will finally get the numbers, we will get the documents we asked for – he added.

Kamiński: a good change in our country will take place when Poles count their profits on investments and Prime Minister Morawiecki starts collecting brushwood

Zandberg also said that “Mr. Obajtek and the company often cover themselves by saying that they operate on the market”. – But ladies and gentlemen, let’s not tell fairy tales about the fact that in the fuel sector we have such an ordinary, normal market – said the TVN24 guest. He pointed out that “we have either oligopolies or monopolies”. Sometimes state-owned, sometimes private, sometimes mixed, he added.

– In such cases, in such sectors of the economy, it is the state who makes sure that companies do not blow margins, otherwise we are facing a margin and price spiral – he warned.

– The prime minister would decide to make such a move? – Diana Rudnik, who hosts the program, asked the guests.

Senator Kaminski responded to her question. – The prime minister said that there is no problem with Orlen. The prime minister does not have this problem, because the prime minister does not refuel at petrol stations, as ordinary Poles do, he commented.

– Because in general, Mrs. profits from investments, and Prime Minister Morawiecki will start collecting brushwood. And so far it is the opposite – he said.

For collecting brushwood recently encouraged the Ministry of Climate and Environment as a response to the growing energy prices.

Zandberg: It can be done, the government has the tools to do it

On the other hand, Zandberg said, among other things, that he was interested in “the government should use the tools it has to lower the margins of large corporations and therefore help people – who at a gas station swear simply by approaching cash register – survive the next few tough months. “” You can do it, the government has tools for that. We have the state to be able to look after large companies in such crisis situations, “he assessed. Kamiński responded to this statement with the words: that you have a prime minister who sees no problem.

Main photo source: TVN24

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