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High Hazal will bring sun, but the price will be frost. Change before the weekend. Weather at the end of February and beginning of March

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The weather in Poland until Thursday will be affected by the Hazal high. A lot of clear spells and clearings await us, rainfall is possible locally, but a large night and morning frost should be expected. When will the snow fall? On Friday and the first weekend of March, precipitation will return to the whole of Poland. Several inches of snow may fall in some regions.

Poland fell under the influence of the vast Hazal high with its center over Scotland. Cold and humid air of Arctic origin flows from the north, with occasional snowfalls, informs weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. This baric pattern is expected to shape the weather through Thursday. Precipitation will disappear, and instead of them there will be numerous clearings. With a cloudless sky, the temperature at night can drop from -5 to -10 degrees Celsius, and in the mountains it can even drop to -15 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, as our weather forecast announces, Poland will fall under the influence of a cold low from north-western Russia from the north. An atmospheric front with wet snowfall will enter the country, followed by another portion of cool air from the north.

Also check the long-term temperature forecast for 16 days.

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Forecast for February 27 and 28

Monday will bring heavy clouds with clearings. In some places in the west and south of the country there will be showers of 1-2 centimeters of snow. The maximum temperature will range from 0 degrees Celsius in the Suwałki, Podlasie and Lublin regions, through 1 degrees Celsius in the center of the country, to 4 degrees Celsius in Western Pomerania. The wind will be northeast, light to moderate.

Cloudy weather with clearing up is forecast for Tuesday. It will be frosty in the morning, the local temperature may range from -8 to -10 degrees C. Thermometers at the warmest moment of the day will indicate from 1 degrees C in the Podkarpacie and Lublin region, through 2 degrees C in the center, to 4 degrees C in Pomerania, Kujawy and Wielkopolska. A light north wind is blowing.

Forecast temperature for the next daysVentus

The weather in the first days of March

On Wednesday, March 1, it will be cloudy with clearings. In the north-east of the country there will be showers of snow and it will fall up to 1-2 cm. In the morning it will be frosty, locally in the southern regions temperature drops from -8 to -10 degrees C are possible. The maximum temperature will reach from 2 degrees C in the Suwałki region, through 3 degrees C in the center of the country, to 6 degrees C in On the sea. Northwest winds will be light to moderate.

Thursday promises to be cloudy with more showers, especially in the western regions of the country. On thermometers we will see a maximum of 4 degrees C in the Suwałki Region, through 5 degrees C in the center, to 7 degrees C in Pomerania. North-westerly, light and moderate winds blowing, in the east quite strong winds.

Friday will be cloudy across Poland. Snowfall of up to 2-5 cm will move inland from the north, and sleet with a total of up to 5 l/sq m will occur in the west. The maximum temperature will range from 3 degrees C in the Suwałki region and in the central regions to 6 degrees C in the south-east. The wind will be westerly, moderate and quite strong, gusting up to 50-60 kilometers per hour.

Rain forecast for the next few days

Rain forecast for the next few daysVentus

Weekend with snow

On Saturday, it will snow at times in the south of the country. It will drop there to 2-5 cm. There will be a north-westerly, light to moderate wind.

Snow is forecast across the country on Sunday. The wind will be west and north-west, moderate and quite strong. It will accelerate to 50-60 km / h in gusts.

Forecasted gusts of wind for the next few days

Forecasted gusts of wind for the next few daysVentus

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