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Himalayas. Nanga Parbat – A climber died while descending from the summit. Conflicting nationality information

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A climber descending from Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas has died, media reports say. There are conflicting reports about the climber’s nationality: initially a Pole was mentioned, later information about a Spaniard appeared in the Pakistani media. The information has not yet been officially confirmed.

On Monday, the profile of high-altitude climbers Nanga Parbat Climbers on Facebook published information that a Polish climber died while descending from the summit of Nanga Parbat in the western Himalayas in Pakistan. The Pole was supposed to be in the vicinity of camp four, about 7,000. m.a.s.l

The information about the death of the Pole on the eight-thousander was also provided by, among others, shortly afterwards. Pakistani Pamir Times. It was reported that the cause of death was cardiac arrest, but his identity was not provided.

At the same time, other Pakistani media reported on Monday the death of a Spanish climber on Nanga Parbat. According to “Daily Pakistan”, his death was to be confirmed by the police, and the climber was supposed to die of a heart attack. It is not known whether some of the media incorrectly state the nationality of the deceased climber, or whether it is two different people.

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Death on Nanga Parbat

Information about the climber’s death on Nanga Parbat has not yet been confirmed. It is known, however, that Poles are currently on this eight-thousander. On Sunday, three climbers from Poland climbed Nanga Parbat independently of each other. The mountain is 8126 m above sea level and is the ninth highest peak in the world. In 2018, coming down from this peak, climber Tomasz Mackiewicz died.

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