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History and the present will replace knowledge about society in September

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According to the Ministry of Education and Science, from September 1, the subject of history and the present will be introduced in secondary schools, which will replace knowledge about society. The basic program design of HiT will go to public consultations and inter-ministerial consultations in December.

The works of experts on the new school subject, i.e. history and present, which will replace the knowledge about society in the first grade of secondary school on September 1, 2022, are to last until the end of November this year. In December, the basic program design of HiT will be submitted to public consultations and inter-ministerial consultations.

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In the spring of this year, the creation of HiT was announced by the president of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, who presented the so-called Polish Deal. Back then, the new item had no name yet. It was only known that it was to be devoted to contemporary Polish history.

Minister Czarnek proposes a new subject. The teachers are full of apprehensionPrzemysław Czarnek, the minister of education and science, announced the introduction of a new subject to schools. It will be called history and the present. The minister’s idea raises concerns among teachers. At the same time, at a press conference on Tuesday, Czarnek did not spare himself praise when summing up the year of managing the Ministry of Education.“Facts” of TVN

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What issues will HiT cover?

As we read in the announcement of the Ministry of Education and Science, “the new subject of history and the present will replace the subject of knowledge about society implemented in secondary schools, technical schools and industry schools in the basic field”, while “knowledge about society in the extended scope for students of technical and high schools remains unchanged” .


HiT issues are to include those from the current core curriculum of WoS and issues from recent history – post-war history from 1945 to 2015 in Poland and in the world. “It can be said that it is a supplemented and extended continuation of the course of modern history and knowledge about society implemented in the 8th grade of primary school. Correlation will also be ensured with the core curriculum of history in secondary schools, so that the content of modern history is repeated only as much as possible. as necessary “- informs MEiN in the message.

“The basic content of the current subject will be integrated into the historical context, which will enable students to better understand complex historical and socio-political processes” – informs the ministry.

Why is MEiN introducing a new item?

The ministry explains that the purpose of introducing the new subject is “to increase the scope of issues related to recent history in the historical education of secondary school students”. “Importantly, there will be a compulsory, regular, chronological, full history course for each student in secondary school. Students will also learn the basic and permanent principles of social life, including the foundations of the state and law” – added.

“Historical awareness and skills shaped and developed in history lessons enable young people to notice the relationship between the present and the past, shape patriotic attitudes, critically and rationally evaluate events, as well as shape the attitude of tolerance and respect towards the civilization achievements of other cultures or nations. For these reasons, education historical needs appropriate changes that will contribute to the achievement of these goals “- reads the press release from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

According to the ministry, “changes are now needed in relation to the recent – post-war history. Its implementation in schools, especially in secondary schools, encounters various difficulties. they focus primarily on the subjects from which they take the matriculation examination or vocational exams “- it was noted.

How many hours will HiT take?

The number of hours of compulsory education provided for in the framework curricula for secondary schools is not to be changed.

“History and the present time will be 3 hours in general secondary and technical secondary education instead of the current 2 hours in the subject of social studies. The basic history hours will be changed from the current 8 to 7. Changes in the number of hours of compulsory education they will rely solely on shifts between classes “- explains MEiN.

The team that deals with the development of the core curriculum of the subject includes historians: Grzegorz Kucharczyk, Robert Derewenda (Lublin councilor of PiS), Małgorzata Żaryn (wife of PiS senator), Paweł Mielcarek (religious journalist), Mieczysław Ryba (deputy chairman of the Lublin regional council on behalf of PiS), Dr. Wojciech Muszyński (IPN researcher) and CKE employee Włodzimierz Krzysztof Kowalczyk.

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Krystyna Szumilas on the results of parliamentary control in the Ministry of Education

Krystyna Szumilas on the results of parliamentary control in the Ministry of Education


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