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HiT, a textbook on the subject of History and Present. The pedophilia committee is critical of the textbook quotation

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The state commission investigating cases of pedophilia, referring to the information about the quotation in the textbook on the subject of History and Present, assessed that “pedophilic statements should not be disseminated due to their harmfulness and indecency.” She turned to the head of the Ministry of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek on this matter.

On September 1, a new subject is to enter secondary schools – history and present (HiT). Ultimately, it will be taught in a general secondary school in grades I and II, in a technical high school in grades I, II and III, and in a first-degree industry school in grade I. New textbook for this subject is a book by historian professor Wojciech Roszkowski, which was published by Biały Kruk, a publishing house specializing in religious and historical issues.

The book for HiT is “a mare that will tire kids.” “It’s not a textbook, it’s an essay”
Minister Czarnek praises the HiT textbook and recalls the crimes against the cursed soldiers

Justyna Suchecka about the first HiT textbook. The whole conversationTVN24

Rzeczpospolita on Thursday said that the textbook for HiT cited one of the German politicians and leaders of the 1968 student movement, Daniel Cohn-Bendit. “My flirting with children quickly became erotic. These little five-year-old girls already knew how to hit me. Several times it happened that the children unbuttoned my fly and started stroking me. Their demands were embarrassing for me. stroked “- was this quote from” Rzeczpospolita “.

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History and the Present. Textbook for high schools and techniciansTVN24

Pedophilia commission: reception may be different from intention

The state commission for the investigation of cases of actions against sexual freedom and decency against minors under the age of 15 now referred to the quote.

“The perception of the quoted statement may be completely different than the intentions or the context in which it was used by the author of the textbook ‘History and the Present.’ Encouraging young people to read its content may cause unforeseen negative effects, e.g. it may result in the sexualisation of the young reader “- it was written in the press release.

The Commission recalled that the protection of children and young people against all forms of sexual violence was one of its main objectives.

The announcement also stated that “pedophilic statements should not be disseminated due to their harmfulness and indecency.” “Such an activity should especially not take place in the case of educational materials intended for young people,” he added.

It was also reported that “in connection with the quotation of a German politician presented in the media, included in the handbook for high school students under review,” the committee asked the minister of education and science, Przemysław Czarnek, “for information on the planned actions in this matter.”

Przemysław Czarnek at a conference for teachers on the subject of History and PresentPhoto from June 14th Leszek Szymański / PAP

Czarnek: an extremely important quote

Czarnek was asked about this fragment of the textbook on Thursday in Radio Wrocław. – The Ministry is not here to review textbooks. If the factual opinions of the handbook are positive, the ministry approves the handbook for use. However, I would ask us not to take this quote out of context, but to read the entire fragment of this chapter – he replied.

– This is a quote that is extremely important in my opinion and I do not know whether the publisher will correct it or not. I heard that he would correct it so as not to bother himself. But that’s the publisher’s problem, not mine. However, this is a quote from one of the politicians of the European Union. It is worth saying that in 1968 there was a social revolution, a student movement, whose leaders were very often degenerates and perverts, who then infiltrated the politics of the European Union, which is why it is what it is – said Czarnek.

Przemysław CzarnekPAP / Albert Zawada

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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