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Holiday weather 2023. What will be the weekend at the seaside, in the mountains, in Masuria?

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Full vacation. More and more people are going on vacation. The most common domestic destinations are the Baltic Sea, mountains and Masuria. Check what aura you can expect in these places by the end of the week.

The school holidays officially started this year on June 24 and will last until August 31. This gives students a total of 69 days off. Students also go on holidays, and employees and entire families go on holidays. Where will it be sunny and where will it be rainy? Check the details weather forecasts prepared by weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek.

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Weather for Thursday

Thursday on the coast it will be quite sunny, although in the area of ​​the Gulf of Gdańsk there is a chance of showers. The maximum temperature will reach 25 degrees Celsius.

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On Masuria we will also have a lot of sun, but in some places it may rain from the cumulus clouds. Thermometers will show up to 26 degrees C there.

Severe weather is forecast in mountains. In the Sudetes the sky is covered with a lot of clouds from which it falls briefly, and in the Carpathians they can occur storms and downpours, during which up to 40 liters of water per square meter will fall. The temperature will rise to a maximum of 20 degrees C in the valleys.

Throughout the country, the north and west winds will blow, weak and moderate, only in the mountains during storms strong, reaching speeds of up to 70-100 kilometers per hour.

Forecast temperature for the next few daysventusky.com

Weather for Friday

On the coast Friday will bring a sunny weather, and the thermometers will show up to 24-25 degrees Celsius.

in Masuria the weather will turn out to be a bit less kind – there will be a lot of cumulus clouds and showers of up to 5 l / sqm. The temperature will rise there to 23-24 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to mountains, then in the Sudetes the day promises to be sunny, but in the Carpathians the sky will remain cloudy and may drop to 10 l/sq m. shower. In the valleys, thermometers will show up to 22-25 degrees Celsius.

Winds from the west will be weak to moderate across the country.

Forecasted rainfall in the coming days

Forecasted rainfall in the coming daysventusky.com

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Weather for Saturday

The first day of the weekend will be marked by sunny, hot weather by the sea, in Masuria and in the mountains.

The temperature will rise by the sea and in Masuria to even 30-32 degrees C, and in mountain valleys to 25-28 degrees C. Weak and moderate wind will blow from the south-west.

Weather for Sunday

On Sunday at the coast there will be puffy, moderate and heavy cloud cover with occasional rainfall up to 10-20 l/sqm. A similar aura will accompany people resting on Masuria, where thunderstorms with hail and downpours will be possible in the afternoon. Thermometers at the seaside will show up to 26/28 degrees C, and in Masuria up to 30 degrees C.

IN mountains the aura will depend on the place. Cloud cover is expected to increase in the Sudetes. It may be accompanied by rainfall up to 30 l/sqm. and thunderstorms with hail. In the Carpathians, it will be sunny for most of the day, only in the evening the sky will cover more clouds and it may thunder. In the mountain valleys, the temperature will rise to 26-29 degrees Celsius.

The wind will be south-west, weak and moderate, only strong in storms and gusts up to 70-100 km/h.

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