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Holidays 2023. Airline tickets too cheap? The French minister wants to introduce a minimum price

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France believes that the prices of air tickets in the EU are too low because they do not serve to protect the climate. Therefore, Paris wants the European Union to introduce minimum ticket prices and announces an initiative in this matter. – Ticket prices regulated by the EU are an anti-market action, contrary to the logic of competition – says Bogdan Rzońca, MEP of the European Parliament budget committee (PiS).

Minister of Transport France In a published interview for the weekly “L’Obs”, Clement Beaune said that a “minimum air ticket price” should be introduced in the European Union so that the price of flights reflects social and environmental costs. Beaune said this proposal would be presented to his EU counterparts “in the coming days”.

“It doesn’t reflect the cost.”

A French minister said that “€10 plane tickets are no longer possible during the ecological transition.” – This does not reflect the costs to the planet – he noted. He added that cheap tickets do not cover the real environmental costs of air travel, which emits much more greenhouse gases than train travel.

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I fully support taxing polluting activities to invest in the ecological transition, Beaune emphasized. He recalled that the French government plans to raise the so-called solidarity tax, levied on every passenger on international flights departing from France. The profits from this levy are used to invest in the railway.

“Bizarre Idea”

The matter is commented on by MEP Bogdan Rzońca. – That’s a weird idea. Ticket prices regulated by the EU are an anti-market action, contrary to the logic of competition. Poland will not support solutions originating from Cuba and the USSR. I am in favor of wise climate protection, in favor of investing in better engines, but not in tickets regulated by bureaucracy. There are many ideas to improve the environment, and this one will make it possible for EC commissioners, politicians and businessmen to fly to conferences in rented planes, and not ordinary European residents, said Rzońca.

– The introduction of another tax, even the most beautifully named one, will not appeal to anyone except the originators. This is an unacceptable idea! The EU should eliminate EP meetings in Strasbourg or Brussels and, as a result, the journeys of hundreds of cars from Brussels to Strasbourg and back, and not introduce minimum prices for air tickets – added the MEP.

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