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Holidays 2023. Destinations. costs. How much for a trip abroad, how much for a holiday in the country. The research results

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In the summer of 2023, over 20 million Poles will go on holiday. Nearly 9 million are planning a holiday abroad, and the most popular destinations include Croatia, Greece and Spain, according to the study “Holiday plans of Poles”. Domestic trips are most often planned for July and August, while those resting abroad are more and more willing to travel in September.

– “Holiday plans of Poles” is a cyclical survey commissioned by Mondial Assistance. We have been conducting them since 2011, and this year’s results are the first full ones after the lifting of pandemic restrictions in most countries. The aim of the study is to identify holiday plans and needs of Poles, including determining how large this year’s group of tourists will be, whether they decide to use a travel agency, what are the most popular destinations and preferred forms of recreation – explains Piotr Ruszowski, president of Mondial Assistance.

Croatia and Greece are still the most popular

The main directions of planned trips abroad remain unchanged – Poles love it CroatiaGreece and Spain (including the Canary Islands). Two other Mediterranean countries are also popular – Italy and Türkiye.

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Destinations of foreign trips of Poles in 2023Mondial Assistance

This year’s edition of the study “Holiday plans of Poles” also shows that the way tourists spend their free time has changed in recent years. During the holidays, Poles plan to do sports less often than before the pandemic. In our country, hiking trips are becoming more and more popular, while abroad, Poles more and more often indulge in nightlife in bars and pubs, and are more likely to use spas.

The plane is invariably the most popular means of transport for trips abroad. In Poland, Poles most often choose a car, although the railway is more appreciated than four years ago.

The planned date of the holiday tripMondial Assistance

Holidays with a travel agency

42 percent Poles, i.e. about 3.7 million people, plan to go abroad with a travel agency. This means a decrease of 7 percentage points compared to 2019 (49%). However, the package of services used by people going on vacation does not change – nearly 80 percent. of respondents use the full offer of travel agencies, i.e. both travel and accommodation during foreign trips. Compared to the previous survey, the number of people organizing trips on their own increased from 5 million to 5.2 million.

Ways of organizing the tripMondial Assistance

– The most popular destinations of Polish tourists, i.e. Croatia, Greece and Spain have been attracting interest for years. We also see that in the case of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Poles often decide to organize a trip on their own due to the smaller distance and popularity of these locations – comments Piotr Ruszowski.

– The number of insured persons traveling with travel agencies remains at a very high level, which only shows that we are dealing with conscious customers. Insurance offered by tour operators also improves the quality of customer service. The pandemic has clearly shown that they are a great complement to their offer. Satisfaction of a customer who is well protected during travel translates into the perception of travel agencies and agents, comments Piotr Ruszowski on the results of the study.

The cost of a holiday trip 2023Mondial Assistance

According to a study commissioned by Mondial Assistance, the average cost of a trip per person this year is PLN 2,256 for a stay in Poland and PLN 3,971 for a trip abroad. This is respectively PLN 475 and PLN 809 more than in 2019, i.e. before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information about the study

The survey “Holiday plans of Poles” 2023 was carried out on behalf of Mondial Assistance by Ipsos Polska on May 4 – 25, 2023. The study was conducted on a date similar to that in the previous waves of the study. This gave the opportunity to thoroughly analyze trends and changes in the behavior of Poles planning holidays.

It was not by chance that May was chosen for the study period – in May, most Poles not only plan their holiday trips, but also undertake the necessary formalities related to these trips. Conducted by means of quantitative interviews using the CATI technique (computer-assisted telephone interview) on a nationwide representative sample in terms of gender, age and town size. The size of the research sample – 1600 people.

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